Monday , November 23 2020

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levey take pictures with rare families with their daughters

Behati Prinsloo watches the fans with their own family life.

The 30-year-old model shared a rare picture on Instagram on Friday and shared her husband, Adam Levin, with two daughters. 2-year-old Dassie Rose and PRINCLE, who shared a 9-month-long relationship with Lee Lin, wrote "THANKFUL".

While both husband and her husband are taking pictures, they know that their two spouses smile, as they are bone-to-hand with their thighs. The appearance of Lewin and Prinzlo's daughters was unbearable, but the couple did not seem to be happy with their children.

It appeared in October Watch what happens with Andy Cohen, Prinston discovered his first unforgettable first encounter with Levin, called "unforgettable love."

"He got information from my friends, he remembers trying to get a girl for a music video," she recalls. "I could not do that, but we sent an e-mail, it was a week and a week, and then I went to work in Los Angeles, [in 2012]. «

"It was really uncomfortable," continued Princes. "We felt each other as good as we knew each other, and it was love, because we have never been there before."

Many years later, couples are still engaged in love and are proud of their parents. Recently, Levin and Ellen responded to plans for DeGenneser and Princeson's children.

See more about pairing in the video below.


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