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BK five people were killed. gangs


VANCOUVER – The last death in the Lower Provinia was due to an attacking group in the region, and the number of victims in the past six weeks was up to five.

The shooting took place at Abbotsford, near the elementary school closed for the Memorial Day, and a 19-year-old man died.

Emergency service responded to shooting reports at 3:30. on Monday. The young man was found to have suffered a gunshot wound. He was taken to a hospital by a helicopter and died.

Friends of the victims on the Internet Jagvir Malhi, Abbotsford resident and V. M. Muat identified as Secondary Secondary School graduate.

According to the officers who killed this man, "he ignored the security of the community." We were not in school.

Mayor of Abbottsley, Henry Brown, when they are, these types of violence affect the entire region.

"When this occurs, every community is shocked, not our community," Brown said.

"I do not think anyone in our community or anywhere will feel that violence."

Members of the killings and the Abbotsford Police Department continued the case on Tuesday.

This is the second death shot in Abbotsford less than a month, and the eighth death in the Lower Providence in the last six weeks. Five of these killings are believed to be related to the conflict.

The first – on October 3, 19-year-old Warringer Singh Jill was killed in a car park at a shopping center. After the teenager had warned the public of Abbotsford's police officer that she was involved in the conflict with the suspect after she became a suspect in a public security jeopardy.

A week later, on October 11, 30-year-old Sumeet Randy Surrey shot. He was known to the police, and it was believed to be related to the brigade brigade.

At Abbottsford again, Mandy Grove was shot on October 18 outside the door of the bank. His brother Gavinard Gewal was the head of Brothers Keepers, who was killed last December in North Vancouver.

Finally, on November 9th, a 22-year-old man was found outside the house in the Newton district of Surrey. He was shot, and in his opinion, it is a continuation of the clashes.

BK The representative of the Special Forces unit of the Joint Forces Working Group on Brigade did not respond to the clarification on Tuesday.

At the beginning of this year, police have written that there is a new wave of violence in groups in the Lower Provinces, which involves young people with criminal connections.

Brown said he had to go to many families who had lost their loved ones. "When young men are killed and when there is a tragedy, I know who is passing by, and I can only pay close attention with them – it should be terrible."

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