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Calgary Olympics City hopes for the future without city games


Hoping for the 2026 Winter Games, Calgary leaders and ambassadors are looking for ways to move forward.

On Tuesday, citizens were asked to postpone the winter games and asked for unwanted plebiscite. 767 734 out of voters who took part in voting, 3047474 votes and 171 750 votes

Coun Druh Farrell, who was not on the side, people are striving to see their cities, but did not include the Olympic team.

"We have to accept it, work with Calgarary, and pay attention to what Calgary looks like in the future," he said.

The results will not be officially announced until Friday, and the speaker will be expected to deliver a speech on Monday. At the City Council, Calgary has the final word on making an application.

Mayor of Calgary, Nahid Nenshi, said the Olympic dream of 2026 was really dead, and he did not support the promotion of the people's wishes.

Calgary has pledged financial support from the federal and provincial governments, with the latter being related to the "yes" vote.

Albania's Culture and Tourism Minister Ricardo Miranda says the provincial government respects the decision of the Calgary.

Speaking on Wednesday in Calgary, Miranda thanked government, government and individuals working for the "Yes" and "No" campaigns as well as those who have provided information to the public 30 days before the vote this week.

The Alberta government has ordered funding for the pledge and has paid $ 2 million for it. Miranda has confirmed that $ 700 million promised to fund the Olympics after a vote.

He also expressed concern that the Games would pose a threat to public funds to other public projects.

"When we commit our $ 700 million commitment, one of the things we really find out is that we will not sacrifice any approved or potentially approved projects," Miranda said in an interview with reporters. "$ 700 million will not affect the city and the various projects that will benefit the province."

Miranda called the vote "successful" because the Galáparians had the opportunity to say their words, which was not an easy decision.

"It may not be time for the Olympic Games to take place, and in the future, there will be other opportunities, and I'm sure our community will accept them when the time is up and when they can afford it," Miranda said.

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According to the International Olympic Committee, after refusing to accept Calgary, Milano / Cortina will work with Ampezzo and Stockholm.

"This is not surprising since the political debate and uncertainty over the last few days," said the IOC spokesman.

"The arguments on the sporting, social and long-term benefits of the Olympic Games are hoping to continue voting," a statement reads.

According to Lori Williams, financial issues and change of viewpoints caused some protesters. Chairman of the City Olympiads Assessment Committee, House. For example, Evan Woolley, for example, questioned who would close the budget deficit earlier this month.

"I think some people should think seriously, and they say," Here's a lot of uncertainty, it's going to be too expensive, and we know we're going to cover the shortcomings of Ottawa, "Williams said. "People said," We do not know enough, and we do not have enough information to ask for much of our work. "

He said that some suggested the IOC's proposal to cover these shortcomings, in particular, for security costs, as it helped the Games revenue.

The future hopes for the Canadian Olympics

The President of the Canadian Olympic Committee, Traizia Smith, was hopeful that he would still play in the country.

"Sports will bring the country to a positive end," said Smith on Wednesday. "I think it's just a part of our humanity, so I think we'll see another offer from Canada."

After trying to support Salvador on Tuesday, Smith retrieved the red light plane in Toronto. However, most voters claimed that the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games did not run for Calgary, and 56.4 per cent of the respondents cast their ballots.

"It has the potential to give Calgary a really different way and show how to do it, but we have to respect this process and respect the outcome of the vote," said Smith.

Participants of the "Yes" campaign are responsible for the phelbiscite outbreak that Calgary will invite to participate in the 2026 Winter Olympic Games, which is called "No". (Jeff MacIntosh / Canadian Press)

The group representing Canadian Paralympic athletes was also dissatisfied, but decided.

President of the Canadian Paralympic Committee, Marc-Andre Fabien, said that home games were "national unity" and that he would reassure people across the country. He said he was grateful that "citizens of Calgary had the opportunity to share their voices".

As the former Olympic hockey coach in Calgary and the longtime track record holder, Dale Henward, the city must strive to maintain its position as an Olympic Olympic Winter Olympic Sports Field.

"It is very disappointing, and I think it's a chance for us to lose," says Henvood radio Canada. "But we can not base our home games on the places we want to go in for the next six or seven years, so we have to find other ways."

Other groups also worry about the lost funds, such as the town of Kankor, which receives hundreds of available housing units through the construction of a sports village.

New Price?

However, other entertainment solutions may not be the solution. Calgary Chairman of the Calgary Trading Corporation thinks that one should pay attention to the 2030 Winter Games.

Scott Hutson: "It is necessary to open and re-evaluate the city.

"I think it's 2030," said Hutchson. "I think the pencil needs to be dumped for seven years and do not do it for three years.

"Use your work later, but you will not be able to turn into one city every four years, my point of view will be sent, received, will reach, and will be able to participate in the competition for seven years."

Construction of Calgary

Vice President of Calgary Economic Development hopes that the agency hopes to build a stronger vision for the city. This will require the main sectors of the economy to be supplied from food to energy.

"Over the past few months, I've been following it, I'm ready to help, and I can do it," says Court Allingson.

Likewise, Calgary's tourism has focused on contemplating the city's future, but, as Cindy Adi says, has begun implementing projects.

Tourism Calgary was engaged in the "Yes" campaign, which, according to him, was completely funded by Adddy.

"We're going to get our own money and go for some things that affect us, and we think we'll add a lot of things to Calgary," he said.

The IOC will accept tenders at the beginning of January and the end of the host city election ends in June.

South Korea, Phenhong, hosted the 2018 Winter Games. Beijing will be held in 2022.

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