Monday , September 27 2021

Campaign for Alzheimer's Campaign Stitch Strikes for Creston residents who live with the Creston Valley Advance

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Alzheimer's Awareness Campaign Gives Stitch to Residents of Crete

On January 7, Crescent residents are invited to participate in a national campaign to alter the lifestyle of Alzheimer's Awareness Month (Month of Alzheimer's Campaign), Alzheimer's disease or other disorders. Negative views and misconceptions about friends, families, and professionals will not allow people to diagnose, treat and help, or disclose their illness. This can affect adaptability and manageability.

The latest Insights West survey showed that most British columbiers know a person who deals with dementia, but 60 percent are uncertain about what to do when they are in need of assistance and can live with dementia.

B.C. Alzheimer's Society. With the help of First Link®, it connects people who live together with demmenia, caregivers and family members at any point in the disease. People can ask their healthcare providers for help by visiting a local Resource Center or by calling 1-800-936-6033 Hotline hotline on First Link®. BK Learn more about Alzheimer's Society. and Alzheimer's Awareness Month, visit

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