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Can I Buy Tesla by the End of the Year?


Published December 31, 2018
Paul Foss

31 December 2018 by Paul Foss

The short answer to the question in the title is "Yes". I bought a model three months ago and love it. You can learn more about my archive archives. But other issues can be considered and people are considering various factors. For example, read some Tulle comments.

Aiden Weller, 6, owner of the future Tesla

We thought Tesla would leave the Model 3 machine this week. But the company retained its production and worked several weeks ago with orders. So far, booking people are divided into 3 categories:

  1. They expect a cheap car ($ 35,000) or lease 3s offered in current models.
  2. They are part of the world that can not get 3 patterns. It's everywhere except for the US and Canada.
  3. They have changed their minds or invent something that they now do not buy a car.

For example, Tesla still receives a few thousand new orders from new people who are still 3 days, although the US federal tax credit cuts half of Tesla's buyers within two days, but sells the auto manufacturer is not enough to focus on the mind.

David Baldaf

Availability of cars

Although I was expecting Tesla to sell its inventory this week, the availability of the items found last week has not changed. The local sales department tells me that there is a group of cars ready to deliver and deliver one day in Toslla, because I can have some flexibility on the options I want.

I checked in with Tesla, St. Louis, and Tesla in Denver. Cars are sold quickly, but they are not sold quickly. As a rule, I send 2 or 3 links to my friend so I can help them make a purchase and when they check out the links after a few days they will usually be killed (which I think is sold out of the car). When I call the dealer and request additional links, they will find 2 or 3 vehicles that match the specifications they ask for.

There is a great deal of equipment that they can think of, either work through them or have the ability to quickly restore them. Compare Tuesday on Tuesday, but I know they will start producing most of the European and Chinese, and I think they do not want to drop too much sales in the United States, so they are either one or more "demand mechanisms".

Kevin Becker, track model 3

Demand Levers

In October, we published a wonderful article on all possible ways in which Tesla could increase the demand for its wagons. Some of them already have a geographical expansion and a new Mid Range battery. Other companies, such as tax credit comparison, may have a free charge and free wall chargers for a prolonged period of time, but they will be downgraded when they are determined to start effectively.

We are glad that most of us have a Standard Range battery (and it works well for keeping the Mid Range battery free), but the standard battery is still 4 to 6 months old. It's worth noting that four months ago the site ran from 6 to 9 months, so I think it is unlikely that this week I will be able to open orders for Standard Range. In addition, Elon McMan has sent an email to all employees asking them to charge $ 38,000 for a $ 35,000 car and asking them to cut off 10,000 or more of these employees. You have to put the model together 3.

Detained 28.12.1818

My bet Leasing and / or subscriptions are the best way to reduce the total monthly cost of Tesla's new owners, which pays off some of the other options. He also predicted that for seven months, Elon would lease six months to nine months. His reason for not giving him a cash flow (which was pretty unpleasant 6 months ago). The cash flow has already been significantly improved so it should not be a big issue.


Ryen Ae

For example, what is the answer to my question on this article? Whether you are buying it now or expecting to be published in 2019 in Tessle?

I can not tell you, of course. You need to see your inner view to get the answer.

If you are at risk (if I am) and / or satisfied with current choices (in my opinion, the current selection is good), expectation is meaningful. I do not know how Tesla can handle the demand, but I am sure that after January 1, I will make something to deal with after deducting my tax credit. In my opinion, Tesla will offer leasing or lower the price for several thousand dollars.

On the other hand, if you're proud of safety and surprise gifts, you're glad to have the cars available now, there's no reason not to lock up a lot and get bigger tax credits!

You can get a free Supercharging (Tesla 6-month vehicle test) S, Model X or Model 3 for up to 9 months by linking Tesla. Here's the code: https: // ts. la / paul92237

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