Tuesday , August 16 2022

Canach could not miss the King's chance to give up


VANCOUVER – One of the hockey players on Tuesday came out to Rogers Arena for $ 706,815, winning the world record 50/50.

At least one of those who were happily happy at home was Vancouver Canucks.

The rest of the emotions were interrupted, their teams lost to Los Angeles Kings 2-1.

There were at least one issue. But Canucks lost the chance to increase speed after completing a series of eight games on Saturday in Los Angeles.

If you go to such a thing, Canucks will win the National Hockey League trophy on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Thailand, and join Arizona, Vegas and Edmonton.

"Important points," says Canuck Goalie Jacob Markstrom, after hitting Justin Brown for more than 53 seconds. "So we play this game – how many points we can get if you lose, we have to retain regulatory costs to a minimum … One important issue is important, but it would be great We felt our momentum when we found two ways and touched our way . «

Winner in Vancouver, along with the happiest Jackpot winner Boxing, had a Calder Trophy finalist last season, who was not injured after 11 games.

His time was clear after one training, but Boezer still scored points in the second period. Belgium won the match against Brazilian Anzhi Copi after defeating Bo Croatian, after giving the British defender Alex Martinez a chance to save Marc Strom.

Canucks did not score two hours without a ball.

"(Brown) missed him and jumped to my left, so it was a good defense," Beerer explained. "I think that's what I need to learn.

"I did not say that this was the first game, but at the third, our network was a little bit out of the way, and I thought we had some regional time: it was hard to get an experience and return. I do not look at those investigations, and I thought the team had a great chance to continue the fight, even though we did not have our first two stages. "

The last Winner, who scored 5-2 points on Sunday, was the first to win because former Canuck Boss Wilhelm Desjard replaced John Stevens on November 4.

They were the oldest King for most of the game: heavier sticks in the sticks, and the third stage was heavier than most of the time of the attack zone.

LA completely blocking a neutral area in the body, Canucks concludes the Kingdom 13-6 over the last 20 minutes, as they climbed into a tied gate. Alexei Biege's attacker Calvin Petersen, who missed Markus Granland with a score of 3: 43.

Granolle hit Adrián Campa, helping the Canucks, to the front of the grid.

"It's about LA Kings and they are famous for playing," Biga said. "They use mistakes and they like to battle battles. The type of games to win in the Pacific Ocean is a big, heavy game.

"They are bigger and stronger in the corners and they use them in their favor, at the end of the day you have to look at the positives, and I think our team has shown more than ever."

After playing 17 lines of the past 25 games – this season has traveled 21 matches of 27 matches – 1-7-2 in the last 10 games. They played a lot better with the last three, and opened five playrooms.

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But King, first of all, offered a "winning" game for Canucks, struggling in most of the first two stages, in addition to Biega's two awesome devices, the energy-saving trainer Travis Grins power supply.

Antoine Roussele and Louis Eriksson, unfortunately, were unable to cover open rings from rare strokes. Petersen Russell and Erickson were able to achieve a sensational rescue when they did.

A few minutes after Boezer's post, after the blows of the Second Cycle 10:45, Alex Iphallo collided and struck Marcström's hand.

Canach's dagger, Gadget, captured Bega on brown stones and sent it to Iafalo.

"Of course, adults, like elderly boys, play defensively," Granlan said. "We needed more speed, and we had to move our feet to reach our goal."

• The advocate of the Kankosh Erik Goodbrendon suddenly left. Green Grogantonson says Monday's action is "bent". Center Jay Bohl, since October 24, has been experiencing no experience with the team this week.

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