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Canakta's shot kicked the ball wild

VANCOUVER – Vancouver has access to Canucks. It's covered with Josh Livos.

Unfortunately, the National Hockey League team from Toronto's Maiple Leeds has only one exception of Josh Lewow from the fourth spot. He did not kill the penalties though he hit his first Canucks debut on Tuesday in Vancouver.

When he won Vancouver 3-2 in Minnesota, the Canucks did not decide who to play. Canach 1-10-2 free fall.

If they oppose Nashville Prelators on Thursday, they are just the best team in the West Conference, their 0-4-1 run at Rogers Arena will be equal to the five worst players in Vancouver since January 2009. Approximately 10 years.

You can feel the same from Canucks's final victory.

From their seven death penalties – this figure may be low – at the present time the worst – to achieve the goals they are satisfying.

They have played 25 games against the 23rd place in the NHL, against 29 games and 25 per cent of the killing. During the last 18 games, they handed 21 powerful games, and their income was 67.2 per cent.

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The night-time stop center, Brandon Souther, fell out on the side of the boat on October 29 when he left the disk on the outside. It is noteworthy that it was also the beginning of Canuck's 4-0-2 strike. Since then, they have won 13 matches each time. Out of eighteen, eight of them, including the first four, have achieved one goal in this home.

Jay Beagle, a veteran check center specializing in fines killings, suffered injuries on Tuesday and did nothing to help the PC.

"You can not afford three in the PC," said Big. "We really played a good game, and I thought I had to give up on three of the PCs. We have to find a way, we have to be good, and I think it's a big part of it and it should be good.

"We have a good system, we have a good game to play, we were sure to do it, for example, five or thirteen feet, they put it behind the grid, so you can not send me what you read, your PC should be different .

Thus, Canucks PK differs from the company. Along with the funny power, special teams have kept them from winning.

On Tuesday, Canucks had a great third set, after they finished wild wildcard 14-5, the tie began scoring. Gradually they moved to Minnesota 2-0. But the assassination was very bad.

Canucks's good play is not enough to compensate for the penalty killing, even before the start of the game, reducing Vancouver's goal.

A powerful game in Minnesota that broke the Rogers Arena scandal two weeks earlier, leaving Vathan 6-2 on Vancouver. After 15 seconds after the first suspect to be fined by Michael Del Zotto, Zap Parissa showed his opponents Matt Dumba at the first round 12:

In Del Souto, seven seconds after the second suspicion, after the second round, two men went out short after 15:29 and Ryan Sueter scored five or thirteen points. Dzell Zotto Jason Zucker was sitting in a penalty seat when a Canadian attacker attacked a timer to give the first goal to 16:31 in the semi-finals of Canucks from Taiwan.

"The first one I did not see," said Del Zottto on the penalty sanction of the first phase of Jordan's Greenville. "Second, I thought it was a mild call.

Alexey was ready to interact with Edler, but he was strong at the Del Zotto skating rink but at the time he was punished for checking the paris.

"I can play this game ten times," says Del Zottto. "This fight is down, you guys give a few shooting and it's easy, there are fines, but we did not kill one person.

"At five or five we are fine, there is a good hockey team here, but the PC declines, and the game of power does not show any results, it's like a league."

Canuck's power was switched off on three occasions. He did not come in the hammock and won the 21st place.

"Normally you do not believe in power," said prosecutor-defender Eric Goodbrendon. "They are not good, but you can persuade the PC to play tougher games, especially with good teams, and we've been able to figure it out. I can not do that, if we do not like this game and if we do not kill our penalty, then it's a pity. "

The goal of Lewa was to get off quickly at 7:30 in the first round and defeat Tyler Mott at 2-1 in 25 minutes.

"I do not think it's the same thing," Edler said about the problem of special groups. "It can be confident."

Last month this is understandable.

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