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Clari's Jenner's latest make-up tutorial ignores the amazing character of Stormy Webster


Stormi Webster no words, but a little girl is already joyful about YouTube.

Кли Дженнер and Travis ScottThe boy is 10 months old (already already) and has been proved to be a key player in the best pictures and videos of the Client. On Wednesday, the author of Kylie Cosmetics showed how to copy a stylish and easy-to-use eye makeup by Klee. He joined Travis and commented on his preparations Astroworld tour

In the video after a few minutes Resist the Killer star Stormi brought to the camera, otherwise, it just came out.

Any baby who accepts any early cooking may be affected by the baby.

Travis's song "Cyclo Mode" was playing in the background and Kyle Stormy was glad to say "Liner & Stormi & # 39; awake!". However, "fresh" may be a generous term.

Kylie said to her, "Do you wake up?" But Stormi just looked at her. Did he look at the bed?

Then 21-year-old cosmetics sang songs to her daughter, but she was not very welcome. After some time, Stormi speaks some words that he heard in the blah blah blah blah. When he supports his father, he is only heating his voice Astroworld Concert at Madison Square Garden!

At the end of the movie, Kyle, Travis and Stormi gave some contingency on how they are styled. She says, "I have a room in Travis, and I always have a room, so I'll put on all the clothes …" But she stopped again for Stormy's song. "I'm always in my closet, I do not care and, of course, I get a separate room with Stormy."

She can give her "more space to play" while she's leaving her home. Kili also pointed out that she was an expert package because she would put on her suit all her clothes and put on her clothes when she checked.

You can learn not only makeup from this textbook!

A few weeks ago, Curie tried to teach Storm to new vocabulary words, including Kaili Cosmetics. She did not plan to go, but it was a baby.

On Tuesday, the truth was supported by Travis in the television star Madison Svajina's concert. She dressed in style and dressed as usual Astroworld shirt and high-puffed open pink trousers. Before going to the MSG, he wrote a picture of Instagram: "At the moment, it's going to show off at night at the Morris Square garden."

"Stargazing" rapper was not happy with her family. He is always a daddy father and Stormi is given the chance to give his best life. At the Egleston Hospital at the Atlanta Children's Health Center, he said he currently has a "purpose of survival." Including Stormi is "part of what I'm living."

He said in the hospital: "Stormi can live well, there are so many zoos, and charity times."

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