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Dave Triptette at the new Seattle team: We think we can be competitive

The NHL presented franchisees to Seattle on Tuesday, and the team was unsure of starting to play until June 2021-22.

Dave Tippet, Seattle's New Team Adviser, said in an interview with the following rules: "You have to balance in your organization, but as an organization, because it's competitive in terms of rules. Sportsnet 650. – You balance your whereabouts and make sure you are sure of the future.

The new team in Seattle, which has not been named yet, will receive a large shoe after last season's Vegas Golden Knights awards. Seattle has the same rules of expansion project as the "Golden Knight", and prepares to write a record of the full benefits of the Tript.

"It will be different for us as we have an additional year. But I (Vegas) had a very busy study, they got a job, you need to lend them, and, of course, we have something to learn from it, "he said. "It's part of a search engine that's a big element on the pro-hobby side. This is the key to keeping your team up and running, so you have to be good scanners to help. "

Tippett joined Seattle on 14 June as Dallas and Arizona Coyote as NHL Coach. In his current role, he helps hockey solutions, clothing designs and the creation of a new practical institution.

However, his trainer's resume, some people think that Tippett is also behind Seattle. But he does say it's still a lot of things to think about.

– Here I did not come here. The coach here means a long way … so I really did not think about it, "Tript said. "The other parts of the world are sometimes interested when you are a player or coach for a long time."

Despite the role played by Tipplet, the team in Seattle goes in a long way before taking the ice in 2021. However, after the announcement on Tuesday, the process can be officially launched, and Tiptet is happy to bypass the ball.

"It's a great day for Seattle," Tippett said. "Now the real work begins".

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The actual work is for Seattle's NHL franchise

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