Monday , June 5 2023

Despite the rough tension, there is much to say thank you for Celtics


There is much to be grateful to him after Dr. Stevens Celtics has harmed Nick.

Of course, but it is still not easy for the fans of Celtics, they are still trying to analyze how well the team is preparing for the glory, this is a scratch, a tragic season in the season.

According to Stephen's mantle, we look at some things, despite the unexpected situation .500 team (9-9) – Thanks to C.


Celtics has a long list of long-term issues that will make you feel good about coming days and weeks in the right direction. But, as we all know, their schedule will be good.

The seasons began with nine of the first 13 games, followed by three in the home. Boston is now extending to four of the following five road games, but five-player rivals are located below 500 (Atlanta, Dallas, Cleveland, and Minnesota), except for New Orleans Pelicans. For example, whatever the needs of some teams, there is a chance to go back to the opposing team.


If Cri Irving's speeches are greater, Celtics will determine whether he is struggling with the destruction of our team at the moment. Because of being a very bad team in Cleveland, as well as some of the most wonderful teams, it is different from anyone in the Celtics list. Slowly, but of course, this team must accept the truth so that it will have to play for a long time to succeed. And Irving seems to be a catalyst for this change, and it will last as long as it needs.


More good than Morris, there were still many players, but this season more and more than Morris had played. Its numbers only depend on the increase in the number of important statistical categories. However, most things affect the game. And he makes it through intimidation, rebranding and protection. This is one of the most frequently recommended game types among team players. Being in Boston this season, it's scary to think about what a bad thing will happen to Morris' strong season.

High awards of the NBA

Singapore has been statistically influenced by the Celtics for most people, including all seasons in the entire league (of course, Boston?).

Since their defense is at the top of the league in most of the season, eye tests and the words of trainers and players are not as good as their defense scoring.

However, to be among the best defenders of the league – even if the opponents cross the tackle like broken tournaments, it will allow teams to put chains after playing more.


Celtics are not clear where they want to be. Fortunately, there is a long way to go and a steady season, which can lead to even more training in the playoffs than we have seen in recent years.

As mentioned earlier, the Celtics team will immediately release the home matches against home team.

"We are experiencing some difficulties now," said Alfarford. "To be honest, I do not want to go, but it's time. We are still in the early stages, we are dealing with it and we have to do what we need to do … if we want to do everything we can do.

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