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Destiny 2 – Updating Black Offensive Extensions – Here's what's in the patch notes

The first expansion of the Black Device, the Destiny 2 era, will continue with a new upgrade nowadays as well as a number of misleading changes. Bungie told about the emergence of the expansion in the last month – focusing on the new developments and focus on new places and activities. This is a new theft for the players to play three Special Forces on the solar system and a new raid on their way to the 7th of December.

It contributes to the participation in sporting events such as "Black Arms", "Forges", "New Orda". Expansion brings five new Exotic, four of which are now described in detail in Bungie and are new to Pinnacle Weapons for Gambit, Strikes and Crucible players who want more time and skill. Black Arms increases the power cap up to 650, causing players to jump to the end of the game – and since the raid on Friday, many players want to climb the ceiling quickly.

Launching of Black Arms The penguin comes with the version, which includes smaller turns and balance alteration. It reduces the gambit to the Heavy Killer Boxes Linear Fusion Rifles from five to three, which should reduce the efficiency of many people using The Queenbreaker in many matches.

Players with Power Level 550 can now use Endgame players with a new rectifier, as Destiny 2 is now pushing Prime Engrams and their powerful mechanisms to suit players. In the past and in the last tragedies, they now have the opportunity to remove their checkpoints in activities that they want to restart.

While updating, many changes and corrections are available. Please check your full note notes below.



  • Chaos reaches
    • The residual value of residual deficiency is to prevent super-energy from continuously eroding it.
      • Previously, Chaos Reach enabled the players to save super energy, if super early shut down, Super Energy charge (~ 65%). This means Super-duration should be switched off for seconds to save super energy.
      • In this change, Chaos Reach deactivation will always keep you super-energy. Super-shutting down is not a flat energy consumption, but is now working on a curve. Award-winning players for their deactivation.
  • At Mass Massachusetts, a problem that can not be overcome immediately after the liquefaction is resolved
  • The raising of the rocket has to be eliminated before the Nightstalker Tethers activation
  • Biotic Enhancements horns have solved the problem of excessive multiplier damage while staying in Well of Radiance

Arms / weapon

  • Individual pawn players have solved a problem that can be used to crush the innocent team pairs.
  • Shock-proof rifles were solved with 150 shots
  • Fusion Rifles solves the problem of updating the charging time for the weapon for the statistic headquarters
  • Gwisin Vest
    • The killings were not solved to extend the terms of the super-work
    • After 10 or more deaths, Super resolved the problem
  • Chromatic fire
    • Explosions solved a problem that would be less costly than planned
  • Reduces the number of weapon shooting units to match the other weapon shots
  • Solved a problem that could arise the weapons of the Black Arms and sometimes turned the same pair into two
  • Replica parcels were transferred to the talent grid of each weapon



  • The problem that Mountaintop has for Forsaken players is higher than the required power level has been solved –
  • Valor Ranks has solved the problem that arose to show different values
    • This was due to the sharp correction of the performance of the Ford season and the series worked well

The gambit


  • Occasionally, an incorrect team has sometimes solved the problem that an assistant Servis Prinzeval killing
  • Reduces the number of Linear Fusion Rifles from Power Amman in Gambit to 5 to 3 rounds
    • Sleeper Simulant gets 2 more rounds
  • Players who die at least 2 rounds of special gemstones are always responsible for two rounds,
  • If a player checks the items in an inventory, the players have resolved the issue of the game download screen



  • The proton, the modular hint has tripled in comparison with the 2.1.0 update
    • This strike has been reinstated and can be re-launched from the director


Leviathan & Raid Lairs

  • Preventive Mode Preventive Mode is disabled for Leviathan, the World's Largest Category, and Stars.

Last Wish

  • Destiny 2 solves the problem that falls on the Battle of Morgan



  • The Hawthorne & Heroes clan has solved the problem that Perk has not paid for

Substances and Economics


  • Exotic brush «Hecuba C» does not require annual ownership to buy in collections
  • The "Mimesis Drive" jump now requires the Annual Pass to be passed through collections
  • Shader reload time has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second


    • Premier Engms is now more commonly seen with more than 550 players and gives more power when decoding
    • Many of the characters in the Harbinger & Echo Spiderwire have solved the problem for players who have lost their dragon eggs.
      • At this time, we will fix the future fixes for players who have removed all eggs before this update. Update 2.1.3 scheduled for December 18 is scheduled for 2018

      Light of Seed has been added to the Blind Well Heroic droplet chart

  • The trophy "No Shot" / achievement can end with a visit to Khur
  • The problem was solved, where "Rhythm Me This is Me" Triumph has not been properly opened
  • The issue with Amanda Holliday was a mistake
  • The problem that the Missile Weapons Festival could not work was solved
  • When players did not have an Enhancement Cores inventory, even the cost of the master could not be processed, even if they did not need it
  • The inventory of Amanda Holliday has solved the issue in its own right



  • When the director chooses the past Tuun or Bunch, players can cancel the current checkpoint until the moment they start their activity
  • The issue of the high-level director, Vanguard, did not show any difficulty

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