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Do not worry! Real Madrid completely eradicated Ejabar's work in Madrid


Four victories in Argentina ended on Saturday, with 3-0 scores on his side

It is possible to assume that Santiago Solari's appointment to Real Madrid fans will solve all the problems of the team.

His requisites could not show any high level of experience, but he was a club player and a trainer in accordance with club tradition.

Most importantly, his involvement in the job was not good: four games, four wins, 15 goals, all twice.

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However, Solari had no chance of rectifying Real within three weeks.

There are long-standing issues and all of them suffered a loss at Abibar on Saturday with a score of 3-0.

In fact, Real won at least once in the last 11 games in La Liga. This is a bad job, with no sheets on the road for 14 years.

Ediab also scored three goals in eight league games with Real Madrid. They correspond to that time mark.

In addition, there were absolute blows on the back of the Real, they were supposed to join their pupils, but their failure was so scarce that Aubert's second goal was to keep Alvaro Odroso on his pocket.

However, it would be wrong to distinguish between defense, because they were collectively and individually.

Real Madrid's 2018-19

In the first half, Gareth Bale scored a single goal, but did not score a goal in Los Angeles for half an hour.

Carim resumed Benzema with their appointment, but it turned out to be similar to the old mussels. Indeed, he recently condemned "people do not understand what I'm doing in the field of humanity", and it was difficult to understand what he was really offering against Eibar.

In the middle, Tony Croos continued his horror with the Casemiro team. The most important result of Daniel Cebalos led to the discovery of Eibar, and Luke Modric was strictly ineffective and in the second half correctly replaced. Inside the bench beneath it again.

Moderick's "Ballon D & # 39; Or" laureate said that he did not look like anything and really did not exist in the summer.

He is not only vulnerable to Rafael Varane, but he is not the only person who suffers from the aftermath of the aftermath of the World Cup.

Karim Benzema Real Madrid 2018-19

Sergio Ramos was also accused of violating anti-doping rules before the Champions League final in 2017 and a week later expected a strong competition in the field.

The captain seemed to be confused and confused, like everyone around him.

Reinforcing Real's reliability, he wins four victories with his opponents (Melilla, Real Valladolid, Victoria Plzen and Celta Vigo), and he expects him to win five times in a series of blows that did not hit Madrid.

Finally, they were happy to avoid serious defeats. As a result, his nurse ended up as a regular coach after his first game.

Of course, their employment was great, but the hard work started.

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