Saturday , October 23 2021

Does diabetes treatment improve cardiac structure?


Washington: A recent study suggests that empagliphloid diabetes mellitus improves cardiac structure.

A study led by St Michael's hospital researchers featured a meeting at the American Heart Association in Chicago.

"Empagliphlins are used to reduce glucose in patients with diabetes, but also have the benefits of cardiovascular disease," says Dr. Subodh Vermma.

"The causes of this drug that can lead to deeper mortality and heart failure are largely unknown," he said. Vermma. "And whether it was right or right to correct the heart, it was a very important question."

The left ventricle thickness is associated with heart disease and heart failure. When empagglossine was present, subjects were subjected to significant regression in the serum carcass index. The left ventricular index was evaluated by the heart rate MRI, using the gold standard method of heart function evaluation.

"The results are very impressive, because they have been observed over a very good standard of care and have been observed in a very short period of time." Connelly.

Dr. Maser notes that "information about how this medicine works and how people with Type 2 diabetes can overcome their heart defects."

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