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Dragons were glad when the graduates returned to Nassau Coliseum


UNIONAL, NY – Clark Gilis and Bob Nistor have visited the Nassau Coliseum, the four Stanley Cup tournaments 1980-83 for residents of the New York Islands.

At the moment, part of NYCB Live is being reconstructed and Columbus Blue Jackets landed on the first Sunday of 21 home games this season.

"I have never seen the old place looked good," says Gillis, who has played 12 times for the Islander, including four Cup winners. "I think fans will be great winners, it's a great place, they did a great job."

After unsuccessful attempts to capture their islands in Nassau County, they moved from the rented Coliseum to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, after their entry into the NHL in 1915 and after 2014-15. The Colosseum 165 Million Over $ 13,900 have been spent on hockey and lowered by 16,234.

In January, The Islander was announced to be returning to their original home in 60 games (now 61, replaced by Toronto Maple Leafs from Barclays Center on February 28). 2020-21 through the NHL season. Then, in order to meet the NHL requirements in New York, the $ 6 million Coliseum In particular, he invested in the ice refinery's advantages and capacities, as well as investment in the media and cable infrastructure.

New York's Belmont Park in Elmont, New York, 2021-22. The island, which is planning to move to a new arena for the start of the NHL season, has allocated an additional $ 4 million to repair its cabinets.

Gillies and Nystrom, who played 14 NHL season players on the islands in the 1972-86, watching the updated room on Wednesday.

"This is absolutely fantastic," says Nystrom, who won the Islanders dynasty in Coliseum, playing the game against Philadelphia Flyers in the 1980 Stanley Cup. "We have a lot of memories, but when we talk with fans, they are very excited to come back to play some of the games, which makes it easier for young people to control the team. I think it will be a great thing for Long Island.

"Look at all the buildings that have been replaced by Boston, Buffalo, and Penguins … they were so close in those days that it was just a bit different. and that would be fantastic. "

The current team is also interesting.

Islanders captain Anders LeeThe first full season of the NHL season was held in the Colosseum. In the first round of the 2015 Stanley Cup, he was in two rows of three home games against the capitals of Washington and defeated seven in the islands.

"I'm still surprised by the roof here," says Lee. "I can not tell you how many games we have, just because we have a breakthrough, so we have the same power in this building, the glacier in the home, I think I really saw it.

"In doing so, I'm glad to get a little out of the game and have gone to a different level during the playoffs."

Coach Drills Barry Troz was the capital trainer on the other side of the series. He remembers the level of decibels he achieved in Colosseum 3, 4 and 6.

"I am happy for the people on the island," said Trotz. "I think it would be a special day, it would be great to be here, and I think it's a good place," he said.

Along with new chairs, new forms of painting and modern comfort, Gillis is entertaining, and the Colosseum has that feeling. Water floods at any time through the door.

"We go to these corridors several times," Gillis said. "There are thousands of times in this hall, and we often come in, get out of it and celebrate our victory, which is a special place for each of us. Islanders are so excited to be back home.

"There will be another experience in the Colosseum for the fans at the Barclay Center, and I'm glad I can not wait."

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