Monday , June 5 2023

Durant, Thompson, helps Warriors overcome Blazers to complete 4th Game Scripts


OAKLAND, California – Kevin Durant scored 32 points, Clay Thompson scored 31 points, Gold State fighters have played four games since 2013, and Portland Trail Blazers have been defeated 125-97.

Dutanta had 13 out of 21 players, leaving eight assistants, seven teams and 11 teams from three teams. Thompson made five shots from the first seven shots and captured seasonal – eight high heels for two defending champions.

MVP Steven Carry, twice before the accident, had to reset her with the left wound after her losing her life, and the All-Star Draymond Green dropped to the right.

Joseph Nucicic has 22 points and eight wins for Portland. Damian Lildlard played 23 points and 24 out of eight assistants. CJ McCollum has 19 points and five assistants.

The golden state began the second with 22-5 explosions to build a midway between 46-32 lines. Three-time and 3-0 draw with a draw ended with a score of 1: 1.

After a good attack by Coach Steve-Kerr – solid screens, sharp pieces, after being in the basket, he knew that warriors did not appear during the recent focus.

Four toys were the longest in five years. Kerr and the Gold have dropped six times since February 5, 2013.

Quinn Cook played on Carrey's place and scored 19 points out of 32.

The two teams of the Western Conference were defeated two days ago: the Golden State lost 123-95 to Oklahoma City and 143-100 in Portland, Milwaukee.

The Vararios defeated the last eight in the home with Blazer, but lost two goals.


Carrie worked Friday afternoon, when the Lexus driver lost control of his car and hit his car. According to California State Patrol Officer Herman Baza, staying in the middle of the center of Carrer, as well as expecting the arrival of the officers, another sedan lost control and left behind Porsche. No one was injured in the basement or was told that no one had been captured and that the rain had fallen.

According to Kerr, his watchman "frowned" out of fear and "did not hurt anyone, and Stefa did well."

The trainer said, "I think he can move on another car, he can handle it, and I think he will be better or borrow money from someone else."


Trail Blazers: Blazers did not win 113-101 points in the Gold State five years ago, ie on November 23, 2013. … Portland took two of Warriors last season.

Warriors: Durant has complied with item 30 of this eighth season and Thompson is third in this season. … Golden State this season Curry has improved to 3-5 without. … First, Thompson has four points in his fourth career. … The barriors are 2-3 on the first day of 3-1. … In addition to the many games, the Warriors did not have much time to attack, but Damascus Cousins ​​should have a full-time trial next week and expect the Kerr All-Star Center to be restored after the Achilles operation. … Karri will spend his eighth straight game with left wound, at least on Saturday's Sacramento match. It should be re-evaluated the same day. … For the seventh time in green nine matches – lost to six of those injured and last week suspended from the Atlanta to the team.


Trail Blazers: Receive Sunday Night Receipts.

Warriors: On Saturday, the prince's lady lost two people in Sacramento's home.

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