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Every NFL team is a classic Thanksgiving tradition


In honor of the Thanksgiving Day, celebrating Christmas Thanksgiving is a great tradition – with the family playing in the back yard for a four-hour stay outside of Best Buy to save $ 40 from the Kindle while playing with the family at Covboys. To celebrate Thanksgiving, here is a tradition of Thanksgiving, which best shows every NFL team.

Every year, traditionally traditional inverting tradition (New York, Ewas of Dallas), fans who are leaving their gratefulness to see especially exciting events start to work in the real toy chris Kringl's toy department. Please wait, the last part can only be used 34th street miracle.

It is Saquon Barkley and the rest of the Giants

By 2017 this "something" will happen in 2018.

I think this week's Redskins have broken bones enough.

If John Madden is still with us (he invites you to the Thanksgiving game), did he want to give you different legs and meat pieces out of the most famous Turkestan? That's a Bears, right? Maybe he gave it to Halil Mack.

Like some people on Thanksgiving parties, much of the commitment is to be done on the fourth Thursday of November, watching the lions and trying not to see daily daily Lvas, not the daily Thanksgiving.

More than ever, while Charley Brown leaps to Lucy and takes the soccer, while Mason Crosby is in Lyon games.

Last year, after winning two dollars with Turkey, Minnesota was paying 47 times more and confident that the team would reach the first NFC championship, and I do not know how good it is 47 times?

Atlanta Falcons is a burning Turkish

Last 21 months in the life of Atlanta Falcons. 1) with Super Bowl LI 28-3 loss and loss; 2) It is possible to win the 2017 playoffs and win the division round, but did not pass the gate four times; 3) something similar happened at the opening of last season; 4) From 1 to 4; 5) restoring to 4-4; 5) then lost to Browns and Cowboys two dissatisfied. Atlanta & # 39; s turkey did not just burn, gun fire burned.

Always strong, always low. Since 2012, who has completed the competition at a high level – along with Drew Bryce and the genius Sean Peyton, the mighty Saints or a small Panther with a great referee who never loves them? Caroline teams ended well on June 4, when teams did not.

Every time you drop off Drew Brest to the game, Shawn Bay will be happy to announce the MVP nomination, "Bam!"

The crab legs should be noted that it is a very good Turkish substitute.

Do you know that you go through the plates and when you are guilty of jamming your parent you keep the worst meal? The cardinal sees this opportunity. This year only two victories against the worst team in the rotation – 49ers, as well as NFL canned cranberries sauce.

Even if the day / game is over, there is no need to remove the gas from the foot.

49 people know how to handle precious, expensive, Italian moods.

Oxford does not have a definitive definition of English, even a Super Bowl champion who scoops his ball behind his own best short yard. the separation of clothing from the death of the dynasty. " Similarly, Turkey does not have any thanks. This is the essence of the day. If seahawk can not say anything, Turkey does not have a sunny day. I do not even like Turkish! I love the sheep! But we are not animals; I respect traditions, feed meals, and then go to Taco Bell in the evening.

What is the best way to remove an unwanted guest? Radio silence. Deactivate the grid. No feedback. If laws ignore calls, they will not leave texts, do not leave social networks, and most importantly, they will not post holiday celebrations on Thanksgiving, where Nathan Petman can not destroy the party.

Brock Osweiler. Danny Amendola. Frank Gore. Kenny Stiles. Chico Alonso. Even Ryan Tannehill and Cameron Wake. Dolphins are basically a waste group.

Given Bill Belichick's wide range of hiking and controversial video clips, he thinks that all people will be invited to a dark room to watch the dessert family movie. Show me my fourth class basketball game. Does the proverk mean to prohibit a waiver of a rift?

Also, ask questions on the smell of the furnace and the coast of Todd Bulls.

However, even though Ravens is not at fault, the situation in the situation of Larm Jackson / Joe Flocko, John Harbaugh (theoretically), and his attempt to keep quiet as a defensive, No. 1, seem like the destruction of the Ravens clothing room. This is a fairy tale of football, as if you were failing to talk about a "friend" of the enemy, but then you are in the evening. And the worst part you have is that you have no Super Bowl rings to ease the discomfort.

Your mother – she is not technically your mother, but you call her a "mechanism" – every year brings cranberry juice to dinner and nobody eats it. You feel awkward, so you can feel good every moment and say it is good, but at the end of the day, it's still 16 years old.

You can not sit around the table and tell your mom's ex-boyfriend Vegas about his late night party or E Entourage Everyone knows that in Cleveland, but how good it is for the family – like a crazy person, like Hugh Jackson.

Each Thanksgiving Day in Pittsburgh is the same as that of a family-owned tradition of franchise, which has 85 years of experience and three coaches since 1969 – that is, Mike Tomlin is the only way to avoid people in the streets.

As the Texas won seven tournaments, Terra won seven gratifications, if Criterion for Rithesgue Criterion "has too much wine and is about playing Carry Underwood and who tells who is the anthem in Cowboy. «

During the Civil War, when Abraham Lincoln announced the day of Thanksgiving, the Allied troops were offered 400 thousand pounds of milk, canned peach, apple, cake and sophisticated Turkish flavor. If you are proud of 200 tons of hamburgers, at least you can do it, is not it? Captain Andrew Luke was delighted with the holiday and joined one of them The letters "The good mother".

The Jags were not so busy this season, and they thought I was setting a vegetarian.

Carrots (although they are cooked) are excellent food if served. But if lunch is like lunch and your mother forgets about one of the 35 dishes a year, carrots often forget it. You might ask yourself, 'How long will it take to stay away from the 6th to the 10th of the Titanic?' This will never happen unless you're a fan of Titans. Never.

Grandma has been a Thanksgiving party for over 30 years, and it's your favorite dish. Juicy turkey, puree puree potatoes, delicious taste, sweet potatoes with delicious dishes, you came from Cello underground sky and one of the pies – pies. Apple, cherry, pumpkin, lemon and you can not identify, but the best. One day, as your mother said, she wants to know how to thank her in her home. This is not due to Steviteop filling (which does not help); it stops the Stapletop filling. Bad. Anyway, this is the Broncos Quarterback post-John Elween.

At the end of the parade Santa will go to the bucket and hold it in the Christmas season. My four-year-old looks at the TV, looks at the red coat, and the long white beard looks childish. This is an awe-inspiring feeling, even for a moment. But I think that the riders look at Patrick Makhomes weekly.

When you move to this new city and nobody knows or cares about it.

There is nothing to eat about, but you have the same taste as the old guards who run the young chef.

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