Sunday , March 26 2023

Ex-GG David Johnston publishes a post-retirement report


The former governor, David Johnston, will deliver a series of speeches in a few weeks explaining the costs of leaving Rideau Hall, "he said, unlike confidentiality covering his former lawyer, Adrien Clarkson.

Johnston did not comment on Clarkson's spending, and said on Tuesday he was continuing public responsibilities after leaving the governor's office in Parliament Hill. The Canadian government has decided to cover costs directly related to these tasks.

But he spent his money and welcomed public control.

Johnston said in an interview with journalists, "It is important to be interested in the public in order to make sure that money is spent well, given that it can work to make it more open." "I have completed the first year and we are reporting."

From October 2010 to October 2017, Major General Johnston named the office of the governor an important democratic institution, gathering information about Clarkson's expenses.

Clarkson, who left the Rideau Hall in early 2005, spent more than $ 1 million on taxpayers after leaving the state accounts. When the former general-governor proposes draft laws worth over $ 100,000 a year, his name will be included in the annual budget of the Parliament. Clarkson has been in the last 12 years, including the last fiscal year, this threshold nine times.

Payments information is not disclosed.

Clarkson's defense of the Globe and Mail essay published last week, coincides with the financial aid he received from his predecessors and successors.

"The post-governor-humanism, I have been active and active in public life," Clarkson wrote. "I believe in the civil service. I have always. It was the joy of my life. Not a golf version.

Clarkson also wrote that last year he had fulfilled 182 obligations, most of them public.

"It all came just at the request of Canadians," he said. "I try to do as much as I can".

In 1979, the federal government made a program of expenditure to acknowledge the fact that the former governor would continue the civil service.

"As with my predecessor, I understood that the appropriate excuses and receipts, administrative and research salaries, office and furniture, professional services, travel and accommodation are reimbursed," he said. Expenditures are additional to their pensions.

Prime Minister Justin Thurudo said on Wednesday that the Canadian governor's office deserves to continue to support the dismissal, but should be open and accountable for losses.

"These people are immigrants and have provided great services to this country, but Canadians are waiting for a certain level of transparency and accountability and we are confident that we will move forward in the thought-out way," he said.

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