Sunday , August 14 2022

Ex-manager S. Simpson claims he is "lonely" in killing "for his confession"


O. S. The former manager of Simpson, formerly NFL star, said later that he was "not acting alone" in the murder of 1994.

Norman Pardo demands to make a documentary about the decade-long death of Simpson's former wife, Nicol Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

Former manager Simpson claims that he has about 70 hours of invisible shots.

According to the documentary, he works for four years.

According to Pardon, the series has been found in a group of "internationally renowned" criminal investigators, experts and attorneys.

"The most sophisticated investigation of the murder for the first time will be shared with America," Prado said.

"We have created internationally renowned criminal investigators, experts and lawyers.

"They just can not prove that they are related to Simpson's death, but for the first time she has at least one."

Pardo is preparing for a series of lines and streaming services next week – Brown and Goldman have been dead for 25 years.

Simpson's ex-wife and mother of two children were killed in Los Angeles in 1994 with his friend, Ron Gold.

The winner of Heisman Trophy was charged with murder crimes and called it a trial of the century.

Then Simpson's murder was justified.

In 1997, he was responsible for the death of civilian jury and the families of the victims were ordered to pay $ 33.5 million.

Simpson was sentenced to several years in prison for several years in 2003, including 33 years in prison for theft, assault, and robbery.

He spent nine years under the leadership of two men in a casino hotel in Las Vegas, claiming to be the property of two sports collectors.

Simpson was jailed last year, and has recently been in Florida, where he spent the Rizachilik with two adult children.

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