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Farare still stays in the past Instagram messages on the eve of Abraham's New Year's Eve

For social media, talking about it and recording it is far better than Farra Abraham. Fans will remember that they saw him for the first time 16 and pregnant, but thanks to MTV it was the most prestigious Young mum. We may not see Farra in the show, but it does not mean that she has not missed the whole year. He also hosted the New Year's Eve in 2018. That's what happened to Farra's world.

Farra went to Hong Kong with her daughter Sofia

We do not know that Farra will be in the United States on New Year's Eve 2011, but last year was in Hong Kong all over the world. Several notes on Instagram and Twitter have been celebrated in the big city with Sofia's starred daughter. In his view, he came to China on December 28 – birthday. One of her first posts was her daughter drinking tea with red and a few times after the landscape.

As for the rest of her mother's duo tour, it's like an experiment. Farra continued to put many photographs and videos on her own, including one for jumping from the Macau tower, and one of Hong Kong's brightest housewives lighting at night. It should be noted that they are the best of Abraham's family. Even in 2018 its first class flight ended with pink seats.

However, it has seriously damaged social media positions

Did fans love Farragan's message about Hong Kong, or did not it look like a celebrated mother in New Year? Like many mixed interpretations, some of his followers were mistaken.

Many of his followers were surprised by his "normal" approach to the jackpot, but one of his followers was amazed. They said, "Yes, he knows that he needs all of Sofia, but he has made it cold-blooded." When Farra announced her visit to Twitter in Hong Kong, she was given a similar comment. "Stop there. Do not go back, "a Twitter user wrote. And the second question: "How do you spend your New Year instead of going to business instead of spending your time with your daughter?" They did not know that Sofia was on the side of Farr.

He also remembers the tragic aspects of his life during this time

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This last two days were the most beautiful days in my life, today's 10th anniversary of Sophia's father, Dacer Underwood, my love for a car accident in my life. When he was 10 years old, he was happy to spend time with his parents at home. I do not believe that I lived to see this day, because I would suffer from depression, frustration, and suicidal feelings, which I thought would be the same today. The new decade, the New Year is our best and I am very grateful and so happy to thank Daek for the decade-long celebration with our family and loved ones and to bless the best of Angelica's decent angels, who are watching us now, watching us all , show my good living with my daughter, this may be our last ❤️ love

Posted by FARRAH ABRAHAM (@farrah__abraham) post

Every year on the eve of the New Year, Farra and Sofia spending all of their time reminiscent of Sofia's father, Derek Underwood. Fans Young mum Farra recalls when deck tells about the show. Unfortunately, Derek died in a car accident during pregnancy.

This year, we are not sure what her mother and daughter duo was to celebrate the holiday, but Farra sent Instagram with her annual statement on the facts. He said on December 28, "Today is the 10th anniversary of Dacer Underwood, the father of Sofia, and my love for the road traffic accident was celebrated on August 28-28. I do not even believe that I existed even when I never thought that I would abandon tragic, suicidal thoughts, depression, fears and difficulties … "

Undoubtedly, Farra's hopes for the future and the future are great. "It's a new decade, the New Year is one of our best, and I'm happy and happy, watching all of us and thanking her for showing me a good way of life with my daughter." last. «

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