Sunday , June 20 2021

Fate 2 will make the new DLC even more

It marks the outbreak of recent expansion Destiny 2The video game for players to travel in space is trying to buy enough shaders at Bobby Kotick's request. A long time ago, DestinyIt is common in a rhythm. Black weapon very different.

Instead of releasing the price increase in each Destiny 2For the second year, the developer Bungie sells $ 35 per year, allowing for continued flows of quests and other content. Sometimes these are new events, even new raids – one of them lives on Friday, but what is this will not be including new DLC broadcasts Curse of Osiris and Heat did it. (Given DestinyTrusted by the content and the trust of these campaigns to a lack of replica, this step will be more meaningful, especially if you value them.)

Black Arms it's the first of three scheduled updates, and if you're more than 600 (if I'm around 535, it's nice), it will not offer you at once. The first and most prominent task is one of the major sales points of today's updates, which will give you some shocking action from the robot Ada-1 and then to unlock the first Lost Forge.

Trying to unlock this Forge – here I have to justify my tongue – he touches the royal chest. It's a series of time-consuming attempts like "Getting 15 players out of power by a powerful weapon" and "killing powerful enemies before you throw away random elements." (Advisory Tip: Like many past difficulties, you want the first raids farmers, Leviathan.)

After you pass this step, you will be able to meet the 610th power-minimal Forge, where you can get anywhere in my light, even where you can not even harm enemies. You can look around and see what else is there Black weapon, it is important to know that other existing quests have the following arrays:

Of course, the most interesting quests appear in the week that they have discovered the mystery of the visitors, which, of course, has a positive impact on something, but all the things today Black weapon hardcore, for a high level Destiny 2 players who oppose the treadmill. Bungie has improved the prime engrome rate for people below 550, which is quite pleasant but up to 610 very long and needs to be done in Forge first. (And it is hard for Ford to make it harder and worse – 630.)

It is good to think Black weapon in the traditional sense as a new DLC. On the contrary, this is a set of new reasons for continuing your smashing through the Avant-garde strike and the Gambit matches. If you enjoy it or not Canceled and if you have not abandoned it, you will get new things that you can do. But if you have not already invested, Black weapon you will probably not come back.

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