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Federer falls flat against Nishikori at ATP final and sends Anderson to the flair


Roger Federer spent the fight at the 16th ATF finals at night but ended up with his mistakes by defeating Kay Nishikori 7-6 (4) 6-3.

After Kevin Anderson split Dominic Thiem in an everyday act of support, he went to the O2 Arena and settled in the master class of another Frercher.

Instead, they had 34 strict mistakes that escaped from the great Swiss kings, their time gradually faded, and the guardian with the federation's arbitrator was visible.

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Swiss Roger Federer will meet with Kei Nishikori of Japan on November 11, 2018 at the O2 Arena stadium in London at the final tennis match at the ATP World Tour Finals final.

Tim Ireland / Associated Press

Formerly dropped to stay with Federer, Nishikori fled the match for the first straight defeat at the 20-times Grand Slam champion ATP Finals.

In the 12th game, Damian Steiner, who scored the ball in the crowd, decided to summon Ferguson night.

"He thought he was frustrating me. I was not. Now I'm defeated, because I hate it for a fight. " Frederick Thibaut, who will meet Tuesday on Tuesday, must win the 15th time for the semi-finals.

Thiem Lleyton met with South Africa's debutant Anderson in the first match of the Hewitt Group.

Austrian had a match in the second match, but it dropped 6-3 to 7-6 (10).

Federer was not far from his best player, but still stared at Nishikori, at the time he came to the match in the so-called "Uniqlo derby".

She was visibly intense when she was 5-6 years old at Nichikori and was defeated by a score of 0-30, but she had a Swiss attack that led to fierce blows. higher than the quadrupole situation.

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In the following footage, Frederzer went into 6-1, making mistakes in 6-4 seconds before the collision.

Despite Neticori's discovery, he offered a usual trout.

Nichikori Federer had his first break at the start of the second match, but Frederher increased his advantage in the next meeting, and then the arbitrator spoke too long after the call.

Federer lost his usual jump and won 4-2 and Nishikori with a 5-3 victory.

"I'm glad to win, and it's never easy to play with idols, it's always a great challenge for her, so it's great to win today's victory," said Anderson's next Nishikori in the next meeting. .

"I had to change something against it, and I lost twice in two months. I played good tennis, and using ferchane was even more aggressive and it was collected in the second gathering. "

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Wimbledon substitute Anderson has been named as the first African footballer from South Africa since 1995, when he played for Wayne Ferreira.

In the 13th century, he encouraged the fight against Tiem's ​​conflicts before winning his debut battle, calling for his husband to join his poems by Kelly's "birthday."

At the beginning of the debut, Novel Djokovic, Marin Cilic, Alexander Zverev and American debutant John Isner are the world's No. 1 and Gustavo Kuerten Group fans.

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