Friday , May 14 2021

Festive gift giving "green"

It's hard for many people, trying to buy "green" toys. Do toys need to release stable products from collected materials, paint and preservatives? (Sometimes buyers worry that the toy world is good – it's good for you, but not for everyone.)

Do they need toys and books that help children think and think about the world around them? How can they attract the interest of the environment and promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of young people?

They need batteries and lamps and sound effects? Is "green" reflection the idea of ​​mechanization?

There are no reasons why we might add something to everyone on this list. Not all educational and environmental toys can turn into a family, often to the whole family.

See this list to expand the Christmas gift delivery options.

Stack Attack

Djeco is found

This simple toy has an entertaining clock. The beautifully decorated and numbered blocks serve as a home for six beautiful farm animals – shortcuts for you. They allow you to play in three dimensions as they can be collected or put in different ways. When it's time to pack it, enough space for the animals to put the blocks together. $ 29.99 and above, special toys stores

In the shade

Moulin Roty shadow dolls

Thanks to these awesome shady puppets, children can tell their beds. If you visit superheroes, fairy tales, dinosaurs and even circus groups, your fairy tale takes you. It looks like a light, shady puppet theater or television underneath the tree. $ 19.99 and above,

Language learning blocks

Brother of wooden blocks

These accurate shapes include patterns and colors, including various letters and words in different languages. Unlike Braille and Traditional ABC, Uncle Goose offers Arabic, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Hindi, Russian and Farsi versions. The boy never had an interesting education about a wide, spacious world. $ 49.95 and above, toy retail stores and baby shops

Rosy River goes back again

Rosie Revere and Raucous Riviters: Book Number 1

The subsequent events of Andrea Beaty's favorite character Rosie Reeve (Engineer) have not been completed. This time he uses his creative abilities to help his beloved tribe, Ada Twist (scientist), Igu Pek (architect). Rosie goes on to fail, and we need to go all the way. $ 10,34 and up, book sellers

Go-go green gadget

Super Solar Recycler

This toy will lose a lot in your watchlist. It stimulates the development of STEM qualifications by building six different projects for children. It supports empty plastic bottles for bottle yachts, drum robots or flying birds, or drinks using robots to make a street roller or use an old compact disc. – for the competitor. You are also coming out of the hinges to connect the batteries – all this is solar energy. $ 27.95,

Fun with the day

Just add a Sun set

Many children might think of the sun as a source of heat and / or light, but this kit allows them to think how powerful they are. By using only solar energy, these sets allow you to thaw the scrub, the powder or the pencils. Solar panels can be used for heating, landscapes and art projects that other people deem as indifferent. $ 39.95,

This is not a trash

Nancy B & # 39; s Science Club is a composted collection of garbage garden

This transparent two-dimensional compost pad allows young scientists to experiment on how much of a thing is going to be – or some things will not break down at all. They may also be able to observe decomposition and how this can be useful. Talk about salary payments. $ 34.95 and above, the largest sellers of toys

Includes ants

Geosafari Day & # 39; Night Ant Farm

Learn how ants work with the oath farm. Thanks to the ingredients that the manufacturer enters, the ants say no extra food or water is required. It also promises that the body will not escape. If you use a color-changing LED function – you need 3 AA batteries – to help you create night and day illusions. $ 34.95,

Rokin is a good time

National Geographic Geode Kit

Raise the chance to gather random stones in your stroll through big open spaces and think of some of these geos open. Determines the pyramidal treasures of various inner minerals and rock types and inspires them to wake up with geology completely. Opening geodesies requires open patience, and that is truly a gift. $ 14.95 and above, major toy retail sales

Little doll lives in

Gluckskafer doll house

Dollhouses will complain to many children forever, but they will be able to buy many valuable floor space. This makes the tree version so engaging – when all playback ends, all parts are included in the main unit. Crops of natural wood are beautiful to see and hold, and the leaves are fully open. $ 54.50 and above, special toys stores

It depends

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