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Fighting with artificial films can bring Sadwin useful


Dave Cooper in the northern bay Sunday, Darralin, addresses Angelo and Catherine Koutey, a city that wants to ban Phos-Chek, a foam used as artificial snow, for filmmakers and television producers.
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According to a group that has been blocked by the North Pole, this money may be sent to the "11th Way" after a ban on the use of chemicals used to make artificial snow in the city.

Daralin denied Angelo's ban on Phos-Chek foam in the city on Sunday, saying on Sunday: "Some people are dependent on films of varying degrees.

Angelo says eight films from TV, and Carter and Cardinal have dropped more than $ 22 million in the city by 2017, and shutting down the city's bridge to the city may go to work. and exposure.

Last week, Tanya Beddar of the City Economic Development Department confirmed that all manufacturers were banned from using foam Phos-Chek.

"After careful consideration, the use of these substances can have a negative environmental and environmental impact," wrote Badd.

"Therefore, the use of foam can not be denied because of the inherent risks inherent to local receptors sensitive to sludge drainage and impacts of the city."

According to him, the information will be updated in the descriptions of the city and shared with all future productions.

At least one of the band's films has been shifted to Saadby forbidden.

According to Bearr, the city invites you to meet with the office of economic development at production planning to explore the model snow alternatives to meet the needs of manufacturing companies.

"Where can I get an impact on the environment?" Asked Mike Owen.

According to him, the foam used in the fight against forest fires is heavily diluted, and according to the research of other members of the group, "if it is not received in large quantities" does not affect the health of people or animals.

It is the most environmentally friendly product used to make artificial snow, says Angelo.

He was "the only city in Ontario, and he banned it" in North Bay and directed to foam in most North America.

"Why did the Northern Ice do this?" He asked. "It was a simple day for studying these facts.

Phos-Chek is a Class A foam short-circuit fire extinguisher.

Special technician Lucas Benning Fos Cheek, who has been working on the product for more than 10 years, has been exposed to forest fires in northern Ontario last summer. According to him, it meets all ecological standards and is widely used in the industry.

Banning said he did not know where it was banned elsewhere and that other brand brands such as "A" had not been tested strictly.

He also said that the foam was very diluted when used for film companies and said that these tests were carried out at much higher concentrations for firefighters.

Mark Campbell of Perimeter Solutions, Phos-Chek, says the product has been approved for use in North America by extensive testing by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Sampson, a former long-time employee at Saskatchewan's aviation division, says millions of gallons of foam have been stacked in forest fires.

"It's a good thing," he says, adding that the mixture used by the film industry was 200 times more diluted than the one used to fight fire during a fire.

"It's a blue right," says Marla Hayes. "I talked about it. We can not do that. "

Writer Hayes said that the loss of a film shot like Carter for the second time in June and the filming of the Cardinal Police Drama would have a significant economic impact on the region.

Hallmark TV movies provide money and employment to the local economy.

"Hallmark likes our city," he said, leaving the Arctic cold as it was afraid to transfer the product to other communities.

North Bay Adviser Mike Anthony, who was re-elected in the municipal elections on October 22, has succeeded in addressing the problem with urban workers.

"I am sure that I need to work here," he said. "Managing Director and Managing Director of the EMS to find out what we can do."

The North Bay Movie Maker has made a statement at call for revision of the city's ban.

The group also hopes to hold a rally to stop the ban in the City Hall, promising to work with the city.

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