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Folk Pharmacy: The research does not require the loss of pain fat that is mixed with linoleic acid | Life


Q: I am mixing linoleic acid three times a day several times a day to fight the fat of the intestine. Would you please tell us your opinion on the effectiveness of this application? I am 67 years old and I lose 102 pounds, but still good alcohol. Do I waste my money?

A: A systematic review of 13 randomized controlled trials to compare placebo for regulated linoleic acid or CLA has led to conclusions that this appendix does not have a significant impact on the waist (aka lubricant (Food Science and Nutrition critical reviews, April 19, 2018). These additives reduce the weight and increase the body weight in the overweight, but not too much.In addition, in the study of rats can increase the resistance of the CLA to insulin, which is not beneficial development (Experiment and Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes, June 2018).

Q: For the magic I used super adhesive. What brought me to me is that the anecdotes tells us that they will succeed by tape and banana peal. The common thing seemed to be blocking the air. So I thought about cyanoacrylate glue. It is easy, fast washing and almost invisible.

A: Have you worked with this glue to get rid of your magic? We've found a report about a case we used by doctors for surgical adhesive purposes (BMC Gastroenterology, 14 February 2010). However, this is not widely used.

The fungus depends on the skin reaction to human papillomavirus. People have offered a wide range of home appliances on this issue, including the inside of the shell, covered with bananas over the mushrooms. Other readers tied to the magic of the plank (legs of the feet) and used a turbulent crustal angle for their stockings or yellow spices.

As you have noted, the tape tape is a popular treatment especially for plantation magic. Studies have shown that salicylic acid works and also low nitrogen for children's cows (Pediatrics and Child Health, March 2014). This analysis does not indicate that ribbon is better than placebo in treatment of gaps and may be sticky irritant. We love using a liquid glue to explore the method of lubricating.

Q: I have high blood pressure and I want to get something natural to reduce it. One friend offered a beetroot but did not do much. Can you help

A: There are many non-metabolic approaches that can be useful for controlling blood pressure. Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) is well-known for healing in European healing medicine (Journal of Journalism Physiology and Pharmacology, August 2017). But we will not continue to do something that does not help.

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