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For a long time, Marseille has been interested in a new landlord


CAPE CANAVERAL, FLA.- In our family of the Sun, Mars has been a neighbor of the earth for thousands of years. Note that starting Monday, the so-called NASA Lander, is accessible to InSight.

InSight is still using a seismometer that records the earthquakes, meteorite strikes, and other things that can trigger the red planet's earthquake, using the mechanical mole of 5 meters deep to measure internal heat, at internal depths.

Scientists are thinking of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of Mars. This is twice as big as the geological activity, so much of its history is preserved. By studying the heart of Mars, InSight taught us about 4 1/2 billion years ago how the rocky planets in our solar system emerge and why they are so different.

"Venera is hot enough to dissolve lead. Mercury has a sun-kissed face. Today Mars is very cold. But Earth is a good place to spend a holiday, so we want to know if one planet is going one way, another planet is different, "says InSight's leading scientist Bruce Bannertt, NASA's California Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The Earthquake today was delivered to Mars by various reasons.

"We try to understand how the sun is living, it is distributed on our solar system," Glaz said at a press conference on Tuesday.

"Are we alone? Have you ever been to us before?

Two years later, NASA is looking for an ancient microbial life certificate – really there.

On Monday, the space agency announced the Jezero Crater as a platform for the Mars-2020 missile that collected and assembled models to return to Earth in the early 2030s. The ancient lake and river system of Krater is a potential hot spot for the past, brightening with different rocks.

Repetition, past life. NOT

According to NASA's Mars exploration scientist Michael Meyer, Marty's surface is too cold and dry.

The Mars Warnings – the double earth's dimensions to Ancient Egypt. But until the 19th century, this was not really the case for Mars mania.

The Italian astronomer Giovanni Scaparelli began to map Mars in the 1870s and described the canal channels as canali for the canal. But the recently completed Suez Canal has created many "artificial" channels with artificial and other channels.

Behind the Lowell Observatory near the American astronomer, Bluststaff, Arizona, the channels decided to transport water from poles to intelligent civilizations near the equator.

Lowell's words were published in 1898 by the author of the "World War" HG He influenced the work of Wells. The 1938 science-fiction novel radio station threatened many Americans who attacked Marchinus.

Ray Bradbury's 1950 classic Marcian Chronicle retained Mars's breakthrough.

Fast-forward to the 21st Century, the founder of SpaceX and the science-fiction enthusiast, Elon Mus, directs Mars to a real life-force. It envisages the continuation of the hundreds of thousands of people who are on the cosmic cruise ships, and to colonize the red planet.

Last week Mask opened up new names for interplanetary ships and rifles: Starship and Super Heavy.

Maski is so fortunate about Mars that he hopes he will die one day.

With the NASA crew participating in their Mars missions, it turned the moon into a moon. The orbits near the moon can serve as the starting point for the moon and even Mars. The cosmonauts also earned $ 100 million. It can be proved to be close to home from Mars to Mars.

According to NASA's research mission leader Thomas Zurbacken, NASA's robot researchers help Mars pioneers to track all observations and reports on Mars.

According to scientists, this is Marx's charm.

Going to Mars is a dream, "says Philippe Lautet, project manager of the InSite seismometer of the French space agency. "Everyone is interested".

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