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Founder and owner of Texas Texas McNair died at the age of 81


Houston – Robert Bob McNair, founder of billionaire and owner of Texas Texas. She was 81 years old.

One of NFL's most influential owners, McNair, has struggled with leukemia and cellular cell carcinoma in recent years before his death in Houston on Friday. The team immediately denied the death, but said that his wife, Janis and his family, lived peacefully.

"He was a very caring, attentive and curious person," says Bill O. Brian, Coach. "Though he has to take care of the victory, it's important to keep in mind the great deal about McNair. It's about caring for players."

When McNair was deprived of the oil industry in Tennessee in 1996, Houston made the NFL mission to the city. In 1998, he founded NFL Holdings in Houston, and on October 6, 1999 he was awarded the 32nd NFL franchise. Texas started playing in 2002.

"He returns to professional football in Houston, and he runs our franchise with the camp's loyalty, honesty and high standing," said Jamie Rawsz, President of the team. "He was an amazing champion in Houston, and our city has done much to earn maximum value with the participation of Texas and the NFL."

The strong force of the NFL was McNair League Financial Committee Chairman and Audit Committee member.

In August 2014, he spoke openly about the fight against cancer, he healed and restored many diseases.

"If you talk about malignant tumors, people thought it was a death sentence," says McNair. – It is not practical.

At the same time, he has discovered that he had cancer of the skin for 20 years.

He also said that he would be under the command of the team but would try to take responsibility for other members of his staff.

"We lived in a wonderful way," McNair said. I am the Chief Executive Officer and will do my best to unite the winner football team. we are all about it. We won in that battle and now we have to win football.

"I go to all games and I plan to continue it," McNair said. "I think I will be more pleased and give more attention to the organization. I'll lose anxiety and enjoy it.

He is involved in many games after this statement, often in the shadow of a golf shadow, or talking to various employees around the institution.

"For nearly two decades as the owner of the NFL, Bob McNair has left a long mark on his city and our league," said NFL Commissioner Roger Gall. Its leadership and position led the NFL to Houston, the stadium was superb, with two Super Bowls and one of its favorite Texas coaches was in the mid-June season and was re-nominated for the post-season.

"He cared deeply about the league and was generous, although he was ready to share his point of view as an individual entrepreneur. Above all, Bob was a family man. I express my deep condolences to John, their families, Texas and the entire community of Houston. "

As an extension team, after several years of construction, the Texas team won the AFC South title in 2011 and for the first time won the play-offs. They also won the title a year later, receiving the best franchise 12-4. Two years lost in the playoffs round.

McNair set out to create a franchise record for the loss of Texas 2-14, trying to shoot a friend and coach for a long time with Gary Kluiak in the following season. He hired Brian in 2014, and in the first year he scored 9-7 and scored the next season. Houston set a record in 2015, but this time it was enough to reach the third season in weaker areas of South Africa. This season ended with a 30-0 wild card loss to Kansas City.

In March 2016, when he was at Quququer Brock Osweiler on the day he introduced himself to Houston, he signed a $ 4 million contract. For four years he had forced Ovsees to cool off from Denver.

"We want to be good every day," McNair says. "Of course, this is a much better day."

Not exactly. Oswayer fought and his name was added to the long list, and he was unable to help the owner win the title. Ovees were temporarily vacant until June 2016 before being restored to a play-off season (injury to replace him). But he dropped three times in a division round to New England, and Houston was seen a few months later and sent to Cleveland.

Texas Deshon Watson was trained in the first round for the replacement of Ovsees in 2017, but he has been the star defender Zh.Zh. Watt also missed most of the season with broken legs. Houston has seen McNair in the last four seasons.

McNair said in 2017 that NFL owners were knocked at a national holiday and were subjected to deterioration in social and racial injustices, saying "we can not go to jail". McNair made two apologies after his remarks were published, calling it "a pity".

In response, on the 29th of October, 2017, Texas was kneeling before the hymn before Seahawks played.

McNair was born in Tampa in 1958 and graduated from South Carolina with a bachelor's degree. In 1999, he received an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarian Sciences from South Carolina, in 2010 became Honorary Doctor of Humanitarian Sciences in Medical Sciences.

He and Janice moved to Houston in 1960 and made their wealth as founder of Cogen Technologies, which sold Enron for $ 1.5 billion in 1999.

These couples were charitable in the city, and Robert and Janis Mcneir Foundation, Robert and Janis McNair's Educational Resources Foundation in Forest City, North Carolina and Houston Texas Foundation. Through these efforts, McNairs has invested more than $ 500 million in scientific, religious, educational and literary organizations.

He also founded the AdvoCare Texas Bowl, which has contributed more than $ 700,000 to the DePelchin Children's Center in Houston.

His wife, McNair, had four children, 15 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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