Monday , November 30 2020

Fulham climbed Claudio Ranieri's return to the Premier League

Intensive battle. The first victory in three months. The attacking partnership is now over.

Welcome to Premier League Premier League Claudio Ranieri.

In 2016, he played for the Premier League as a new manager of Fulham, the Italian coach, who won the title of the best player in the English football league together with Leicester and his first game.

Fulham won the Southampton on Saturday with a score of 3-2 and won the first round of the season on 26 August.

First, it is a victory. Next name?

Maybe not. Fulham Liestes failed to score 5,000-1 – this season is still, but his arrival has brought optimism to the club owned by the American billionaire Shad Khan, who also heads the NFL Jacksonville yachts.

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While Raneri was nominated as a trainer last week, Ferguson's first signs were his players, who fought in the 18th minute after visiting Craven Cottage, and then in the 2nd half.

Ranieri also points out his advanced combination of hope for competitors, who have co-authored Raymond Leighteste with Jamie Wardey and Riyadh Mahrez. Sergeant Ryan Sessenon took 63rd place in Alexandra Mitrovic.

One of the most highly regarded teens in the English world, Sessegon Andre Scherrill has been assigned to a different goal of Fulham, perhaps in the most spectacular season of the season.

Although there was a change in the Premier League, Manchester City and Liverpool were able to win the title after winning 13 matches before the international match.

However, Chelsea was the first defeat of the season.


Morriso Sarré was the first to lose in England's football because Chelsea lost to Tottenham 3: 1 and fell into one of the three unbeaten records in the Premier League.

Tottenham wins in the Wembley Stadium thanks to the goals scored by his opponent in London, Delley Ally, Harry Keane and Son Hengn.

Chelsea midfielder Jorgenjoni won the title after he had won the Third. He played for Tottenham in the one-way board.

Olivier Giroudu replaces and won seven points after winning the first place by Chelsea.


Manchester City won the West Ham with a score of 4: 0, including all the goals at the Olympic Stadium between Leroy Sain and Raymond Sterling.

Sterling opened David Silva. He reached Semen's attack, then 34 minutes into the gate of the city 3: 0 and scored a goal in the gate and returned to Sane's favor. Sane lost the fourth goal in the second half.

Winners raised the city by two points and calculated the average of three players in the league this season.


For the first time since September 15, Fykino scored six goals in seven matches with a 3-0 win at Liverpool, Liverpool, Mohamed Salah.

However, the strike struck between them – a free kick from Trent Alexander-Arnold 2-0.

Liverpool, two points away from the city, with Jordan Henderson on the next fight, with two goals for the Mercedes Division with Everton, the second player comes after the referee warns.


Jose Mourinho wrestled with City and Liverpool freestyle wrestlers and scored a 0-0 win over Manchester United in a match against Cristal Palas.

He took the fourth place with seven points in "Zhetysu".

Boos welcomed his last hit in Old Trafford, for example, facing the absence of the league's ten-week winner. This season, Barcelona did not win four of their nine games in Old Trafford.


For Everton's Guilh Sighurdsson goal, he flipped Cardiff 1-0 and advanced to sixth place.

Vardy fined Leicester for 1-1 in Brighton.

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