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Gamer Points: Koskinen, Klefbom Edmonton Crosses Like the Stars of the Game


Stars 0, Oilmen 1 (IT)

Oscar Klefbom was the final character on Tuesday night, but thanked Mikko Koskin for his kindness and other ways. Cosmanden Edmonton When he stole former Winner of Art-Ross, Jamee Benden, for the remembrance of the Oiler, he saved the maximum 28 seconds after 28 seconds. After the Cliff, he checked the game. Nature has fallen, Owls and Dallas stars have overturned and stayed at 0-0.

It is no surprise that the 3 rd 3rd Game is not surprising, and has won the top three for Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl and Klefbom. McDavid came in the Billimetre ™ report for the winner, but the video review was "officially". In their second shift, Trio re-joined, McDavid played a game, and Draisaitl and Klefbom worked with Jacuzzi, Leon Jason left Dickon and hit Oscar. It was the 81st Kepbom season, and the first one was the wool. It is a good time to break the ice.

Ken Hitchcock, the head coach of Edmonton Oilers, is in the Stadium against Dallas at Stadium, during NHL Hockey games, on November 27, 201 in Edmonton.

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Apart from Benn's ability to stop the heart, it increased the strength of the 60th minute. They completed the star 31-28 and got a big 10-6 in Group A Hockey's Christmas treeDavid Staples (magazine and conclusion). The oilmen dominated the opening, and then the two teams settled in a conservative, crushing style, not their breathing room and hollow room. Perhaps at 1: 0, Ken Hitchcock may well have hit his first home match at Edmonton.

Player prices

# 4 Chris Russell, 7. Wall-resistant, plays in 21 minutes, and the other kills without a single mistake. In the defense – the first contest veteran was at home. There was some decent work in the area where the attack was taking place.

# 6 Adam Larsson, 6 years old. I saw a funny shadow of the trio of Bonn-Seguin-Raduulov, the majority of which was with his own trolleybone on the side of the Oilers. Having overcome tonnes of on-board battles, most of the time he has overcome his physical superiority (6 hits) and effectively shattered the battlefield. Made of empty bottle-free key. The murderer was in the group that did not include Radulov-Bendin in seconds.

Jason Garrison, 13 years old. He played at 9:57, just as Hitchcock was pushed to the 4th place. The third pair Harrison played a very strong stream when he played 3 shots, but his most important moment was attacked on the 4th-2 shell, and instead of the third place was 1 instead of 1. Fortunately, Coskin has made a decision so far.

# 16 Jujjar Khayra, 4. He did not do any harm (0 shot, 0 points), making another bad turn within his own buttermilk and unwanted crap to kill his wife.

# 19 Mikko Coskin, 9. Only beautiful in the 28th is beautiful, 9 of them start at just 9. It was not only the 6th position of the opponent, but also a mistake in the 0-point game. For a single game, the class gets rare +2 rounds, and for each of the tournaments, his mammoth is in the last two seconds to save Benny's. Not only is it economical including In June, this stop may have been preserved for a specific season. Big Finn looked at one of the best in the game and lost his horror. Other couples to Benn, including 3 in 1, took about 10 pictures taken from Dallas's top line. It is a very good cucumber to stop gambling when your spouse is running.
It saves 28 frames, saves 28, saves 1,000 percent.

# 23 Ryan Spuner, 5 years old. It is written in 4C that is, it is possible to say the same thing, but it reduces the depth chart of the guy sold to one level. They played at 7:39, when it was very small, only 1 shooting per team. Team – the worst 3 gifts, but worthy 5/8 = 63%.

# 25 Dannell 's nurse, 6. A very passive, deliberate game where his heart often plays. There are no big mistakes, double supplementary contributions, and this event was a low level game. Registered 24 minutes.

# 27 Milan Lucia, 5 years old. In the gaming area, heavy crushing and biking played a couple of hours of hard times. 5 hit forwards, but 0 shots.

# 28 Kyle Broczyak, 6. He was also strong in the cycle and achieved a third goal, including the third place in the squad. The dot only 5/13 = 38%, but extremely powerful numbers (shootings + 16 / -9, better than Edmonton).

# 29 Leon Draisait, 7 years old. He played early in the game, lived on his left wing, but was strong after the night jump. Shooting was not a mood (only 1 shooting), but teams had a high level of 5 class A capabilities, including two great ads over an extended period of time to customize two goals in the game. Of course, the first one (after the McDavid's awesome Draisaitl chip) did not succeed after a video review. It is considered insufficient to pull the reflection invitation out of the optimal angle than the net camera, even though it shows a white line from the back edge of a line and a white line. When Dreysius wanted to strike Jason Dickenson and Miro Heiskanen on the ice, Driszetne was not sure twice before sending the perfect platter to the Kleberbank tape. revolution. The team that scored 24 to 24 points and scored 11/17 = 65%. 8 plays now move Excess seasonal hockey is not so different from this season so you can count it 2 goals and score 2 bonus points.

# 39 Alex Chiasson, 6 years old. He climbed a line and played two solid games against one of his former teams. His face was flooded with the best of his looks.

Zak Kasyan, 6 years old. The third way was the driving force, which was higher than last season's season by 17:32, 2½ minutes. 1 shooting, 4 hit and multiple target skating. There is every opportunity to strike A, which directly relates to the zero level, which, as far as possible, is often the result of the pyramo-poisoning, but it and its lynxes do their basic work, giving nothing, and cultivating.

Patrick Russell, No. 5, 5. Playing too little (8:13) can have a great impact, but during what time it has not been strong. The stars shot at one time and killed them a bit. 2 hits, 2 packages and no steps.

# 77 Oscar Klebb, 7. Both teams were discomforted at 28:30 and shot 6 goals and 4 bombs. The oilmen have crossed the territorial boundaries in time, but we noticed two different moments, in particular, everything changed. Kleffberg, who survived this, opened the extra season in the first season of the season and closed the stroke, and then did a great job fighting the amazing Hudobin.

# 83 Matt Benning, 5 years old. At night Hitchcock changed the third pair, the Harrison-Benning duo finished work, and the Benite's shotguns ranged from 15 to 7 at 9 minutes. There was a secondary mistake when the opponent was heading in the right direction, mostly in a quiet night, when hit.

# 91 Drake Caggiula, 6. LA The good shot from the weakest game showed Caggiula 4 shots and 4 hits in 17½ minutes. Oily Roman Polac has created several broken checks, including beauty. Several battles in the wells won the battle. 3 Oilers are relative to 0 and probability.

# 93 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, 6 years old He played 21 minutes in all the situations and tried 10 shots for both teams. The best of them – the first minute was a movie demonstration, which created a video overview and a powerful drive for iron irons. Opponents of the attack on 5 attacked the two, making mistakes against 2, but noticed a very bad time that led to Benny's delay. 7/17 = 41% better and better on PC. He wrote a payment.

# 97 Connor McDavid, 6. There were several great moments, especially overtime and attacks, the hair that was absorbed by the line. Earlier, he set out on Chiason's doors and played for himself (4 in all), the best of them – one timer from the Draislyl Channel, which blocked Anton Hudobin. Shaded for 24 minutes. There were some issues on the defense side of the play. In the "Oilers" group, "A" was 10-6 in the class, although McDavid was + 6 / -3, but for the first time in 7 games. He wrote a payment.

No. 98 Jesse Pulzhuwarvi, 5. Raised to the second line, he shot 1 shot, 1 hit, 1 block and got 1 point on each point. He played for 14½ minutes and was awarded with the last change of regulation, but J. P. In his inability to control the daily routes in the neutral zone, his direct trainer shines. Fortunately, he, his team and the writer, survived the terrible, and eventually dominated. In the next game of Edmonton, Thursday night, enough to find another point of view against the kings.


It was a big victory for the Oilers, winning the 1-0 Thriller on Dallas Stars. David Staples and Bruce McCarthy have come up with the right thing to do, and they have come up with what's going on for the oilmen in the match.

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