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Gathering False Claims from Surrey Mayor "Will Change The Truth"

For example, a question arose about the municipal candidates' dispute in municipal elections in October: how do you evaluate your journey and come to Vancouver Metro?

"When I was the Mayor, I realized that I would not support Uber." At that time, the mayor of Surry, Doug McCallum, responded to a debate.

It should not be said: The final term as MacDalloume's mayor of Surrey ends in 2005, and Uberus has started a brief introduction to the Vancouver market in 2009. Uber was not supported in 2010.

The opponent's candidate, Bruce Hain, in turn, asked, "Some years ago, some engineers were shining brightly in the eye."

McCallum did not fix himself.

But striking remarks Many of the most fascinating statements by the re-elected mayor of the second largest, fast-growing city, which is subjected to major changes after the BK election victory, may appear premature.

CTV News analyzed McCallum's testimony, speeches, and press conferences for up to three weeks in order to find out about the mayor's demands in some cases.

Sometimes, according to her statement, her further reinforces her political agenda, as part of the arguments of her former governor's role in the ice hike, including a $ 44.5 million Cloverdale Sport and Ice Complex.

The city's debt is higher than the city's calculations. The total amount of abbreviations submitted to the previous administration projects is $ 135 million. It can amount to US $ 58 million. Grandview Heights Public Library and Library.

Langley's spending on SkyTrain is lower than that of TransLink, saying McCallum's two major promises, SkyTrain, and one of the municipal police forces.

But at other times, for example, the words about Uberus are not like the promotion of any particular political agenda. To compile our list, complaints were filed in a cell, a public gathering or the press, and should not be corrected as a one-off error.

doug mccallum

Some voters say they lost their faith.

"The statement of Mayor MacLallom differs from reality," Cindy Dalgish told Surrey's advisers at a Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday.

But observers believe that McCallum can be a method of reporting.

"There is a fair method in Canadian politics: after the election, the new government enters office and says," My school, cabinets are naked, "or" We have looked a lot deeper than debt. Now I have seen specific books. In my opinion, there is an element that is involved in such games, "said Hamish Telford University, a political scientist at the Frederick Valley.

"It's because McCallum has not been working for some time, and he knows the job, but some things have changed," Telford said.

McCallum did not respond to conversations on these topics, which is through the staff of Surrey, so CTV News was at a meeting of the Council of Mayors held on Thursday.

The Mayor did not directly answer questions about the model of promoting these requirements, but CTV News contained the responses given in each section below.

Link to a study without a transplant

"If you get Fraser Highway SkyTrain and if we get round-the-clock seven days a week, we can save the TransLink performance, saving up to $ 2-3," McCallum said to May 15 in May.

McCallum's announcement to the municipal leaders was a key part of the Newton-Surrey-Gillervor LRT's acquisition of the region, which is planning to switch to SkyTrain for Langley.

The Mayors have expressed concern over the cost of moving to the Langley SkyTrain, which is twice as expensive as TransLink's $ 2.6 billion to $ 2.9 billion – LRT's $ 1.65 billion in 2017.

In this sentence, McCallum can be reduced to 24 hours if the construction can be completed, which can lead to significant public defects.

However, the mayor said that a study was conducted to confirm TransLink. The agency did not conduct CTV News.

"TransLink has not conducted a detailed study of Surrey-Langley's possible construction methods for the SkyTrain route. The final costs (2017 Hatch Report) did not cover the construction schedule, "the press secretary said.

On December 13, the mayor again raised the 24/7 construction plan when speaking to the media.

"If we propose to build large-scale construction work every seven days a week, we can reduce costs," he said. When they said in the TransLink statement that they had never conducted a research, he said: "I will never do research."


Click on the picture above to learn more about SkyTrain's cost and who can get the switch from LRT. (Surrey)

SkyTrain and Evergreen Line: an incomplete comparison

Evergreen Line, "recently built," crossed the tunnel a year and a half ago, reaching $ 1.4 billion, McCallum told reporters on October 23.

The Evergreen Line network is worth $ 1.41 billion, which will be opened in 2016. Its length is 10.9 km and includes a tunnel. But the Evergreen Line is about two-thirds of the length of the wind that runs from the Royal George station to Fraser Street to Langley City. The SkyTrain extension is about 16 kilometers wide.

McCallum said that the funding envelope, approved by Fraser, would extend the prolongation of $ 1.65 billion. The Prime Minister of the BK did not buy it.

"I'm not technically involved. If Surrey wants to switch to SkyTrain, it's fine, but they're half way up to the LRT, "John Horgan told reporters on Thursday.

TransLink employees are currently designing and developing SkyTrain extensions. TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond announced that McCallum offered to save money to find out where to grow network.

Despite the fact that the agency did not have the final cost on SkyTrain, the Council of Mayors heard that it had left $ 1.6 billion, with $ 56 million. US $ to design and project design.

The Council of Mayors heard that TransLink's network would cost at least $ 1 billion on Thursday and would have to stop at Fleetwood or Clayton Heights.

But with lower lengths, the cost reduction may be part of the mayor's efforts to boost SkyTrain's expansion, "says Telford.

"In my opinion, he tries to offer the best possible situation to fulfill his promises without much financial pain, and he's generous, and he's optimally reading spreadsheets," says Telford.

SkyTrain and LRT

Click on the picture above to see the details of the plan discussed at the May 13 meeting of the Mayors Council.

Surprise Surrey's debts

On Wednesday, November 27, a press release issued by MacLouDoure expressed serious concern over Surrey's debt.

"When books were shown to me, I was terrified to see how much I was paying to the city of Surrey, and I was shocked," he said in a press release. "When the debt burden reaches $ 514 million, this is just an invalid and real irresponsible."

Urban Financial Report Since December 2017, the debt burden has increased to 267 million USD. And in the budget of the McCallum Council, which was issued on December 11, 2018, the "previously approved" internal and external debt was $ 316 million. Only about 60 per cent of the mayor's claim is made.

McCallum's employees later considered it to be $ 514 million and had a five-year loan from the city.

The proposed budget amounts to 514 mln. USD-denominated debt and US $ 198 million. Domestic debt coincides with the General Capital Program for 2018-2022.

On December 13, when he asked for a city debts, McCallum said, "The city's debt to Surrey is $ 514 million, which appears in public documents. I have never denied this debt. That's it. We have drafted the budget. It takes into account the big debt we need to lower.

The McCallum Board has approved a $ 136 million cut-off plan which has not been spent on complex projects, including the upgrading of RCMP facilities, part of the Grandview Heights library, and the Community Center and a new sports and ice complex in Cloverdale.

Do not lighten the Surrey shelves

One of the McCallum Surveillance Surveillance Council's projects is worth $ 44.5 million. Cloverdale Sport-Ice Complex for US $. Soon after the budget was announced, McCallum expressed his opinion about the city's upcoming square.

"We have an ice rink in the South Ice; we have one in Claderey, we have three on the Flewdud Mountain, a 10-minute drive from Cloverdale. We have Newton, and there are two people in our city. We have three brand new brands through Bridgeway at Patullo Bridge in the middle of next year. We have three existing ones, "he said.

The new Bridgeview complex will actually have three new hikes. However, the project is scheduled to be relocated to the North Surrey Arena, which will have a two-city meeting with the city, and will be closed shortly after opening Bridgewater. Both slopes can be left open, but the city officials have confirmed that there is no plan to do so.

"We knew that we were a little mistaken and talked about all new arenas, but in reality we can not get three. Two arenas are removed. You are just getting a new ice rink, "said Marty Jones, president of the Cloverdale Minor Hockey Association in CTV News.

Cloverdale sports and ice complexes

Click on the picture above to read the plan for the city of the South-West Sport and Ice Complex, which should be initially opened in 2020.

Requirements for Cloverdale Complex

McCallum also reported about Cloverdale Sports and Ice Complex: "Underground is very unstable. According to our engineering department, we can not build it in an unstable place until we use the technology to stabilize the building. Everyone needs to know that building is a very expensive building. Initially, 45 million. It is planned to have US $, but this will significantly increase if we have to improve. "

Indeed, the initial cost of the Cloverdale complex is $ 35 million, as stated in the city records. In January 2018, reports show that there were problems with the soil and their value rose to $ 44.5 million.

CTV News's statement that the city's engineering division tried to prove that the problems with the soil that had been identified previously could lead to further costs, so urban workers could not speak in the budget process.

In the city's pre-budget budget, the arena costs $ 44.5 million in December.

Ice low registrations

The above table from the city of Surrey offers you the bottom line when enrolling in the skating racing sports games for adolescents.

Decrease of the age-old glacier sports

The mayor also said that the participation of athletes in ice sports has become another basis for reducing the construction of the Lockeiler complex.

"For the last eight or nine years, we've been freezing ice for hockey. Each year, it is falling into use and use. We have this table to show you, "the mayor said.

Charts in CTV News were analyzed, which showed a decrease of about 50 percent. But the axes of the diagram exceeded this decline. When the axis changed, the decline in numbers approached to 15 percent.

There was another problem.

Annually, the number of children playing an ice rink annually is 2018-19 years. But in 2018-1980 employees used the figures for October. According to a CTV News poll, the result is 352 missing children.

While this member is in the diagram, it is clear that there are many children who are studying in 2018-1920 than in the past two years, and the expected decline actually increases.

Additionally, more than 1700 registrars in urban ice classes or diagrams were not included in the bunch or middle group among 100 children who participated in urban ice classes. According to the distribution committee, 1,400 people.

"I know our arenas have been used much more than what is shown on this chart," says Cindy Secord, who is on the ice distribution committee. "This column should be in the other direction."

Secord told CTV News that two small hockey leagues spent $ 450,000 to buy 1000 hours of ice time in neighboring communities, such as Richmond or Delta.

"We did not give a single ice skating rink for any games during the year," he said. "We exclude potential users, because there is nothing."

Surrey's employees explained the numbers in the following way: "There are many reasons for the 2018 number to look worse, they are added to the curriculum and supervision list. Numbers do not run from stored data. «

Some of the clubs now write the Surrey City Council, as they finally approve their budget on Monday night, asking them to correct their pictures from the city.

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