Monday , November 30 2020

Geologist: He left the historical sculpture in Grand Canyon

Las Vegas, a geological professor at Nevada University in Nevada, has recently discovered stones found in the famous trail of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Professor Steve Rowland owns tracks of 315 million dollars belonging to a primitive teenager. Reported on the amount of alligator that was measured in the year before. The Las Vegas Review Magazine reported this on Thursday.

28 traces run across the diagonal across a wide wall at the edge of the Grand Canyon "Jarken Angel" trail.

Roberts has summed up his findings at an annual meeting of the Society of Vertebral Paleontology in Albuquerque, New Mexico last month. He hopes to submit a scientific article in January.

Last year, he said that he had seen printed publications on a family vacation and said "they were great". He told them he had heard of another geologist who had noticed them in 2016.

Scientists never know where the animals are going to go, "said Rowland," and Galagaogos will look for a similar animal, which is about 2 meters tall.

According to him, the park officials were taking photos of the stones and trying to move it from the canyon to the museum.

Park spokesman Carey Cobb said: "It will not happen in the future.

According to him, removal of the stone and its demonstration in other places is incompatible with the resource conservation mission in the natural park of the national park.

"But we can mark people explaining what they are watching," said Cobb.

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