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Google Duplex is now available for Pixel when selecting cities [Video]


Google's I / O's biggest "time" this year was the opening of Google Duplex. This opportunity immediately affected the people and caused many interesting questions. Finally, it finally begins to pixel owners in some cities.

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Google approved this week VentureBeat it begins to appear in the "best cities" around the United States by the duplex. The company did not specify exactly where the cities were available, but it was safe for the previously opened "pilot metro" locations such as New York, San Francisco, Atlanta and Phoenix. Even though there is no geographical limit, Google Duplex has become a "small group" of Pixel owners, located in those locations.

The duplex in this form is not yet seen in I / O. This is a limited edition version of the company, which initially showed not only the hair and other types of appointments, but also restaurant reservations. However, this option is not limited to partners who have been in the past with Google. A Google representative explains:

Currently using Duplex technology, we are able to book restaurant reservations via Google Assistant over the phone. To give pixel users and businesses a better experience, we start with slow pastures … and, by expanding, we expand to more Pixel users.

Because a VentureBeat The reporter was in the qualifications to test Google Duplex, and we have some examples of how this feature works for end users. In the first video below, we can see the process you need to call in Duplex. With Google Assistant, the user can choose where to book reservations. Here, the Assistant asks for information such as time, number of people, and other features.

The whole process takes about one minute. As you call yourself and take some time, it takes about the same time. However, in a later version of that user, the reservation request will be delayed at night after closing, and Google will notify you the next day. This is really useful.

In another short video, VentureBeat He was able to work in a nearby restaurant, allowing Duplex to talk to the restaurant. Voice, just like I / O, produces a human voice, but you hear a short note at the beginning of the call. The duplex tells us that this is a "call from Google" and that the call can be "recorded". Google will also be able to manage everything that gives you a powerful accent.

In addition, this is a convenient time for the Duplex booking interface. Users can see notifications created by Google Duplex in the Assistant. They also try to make a reservation on this UI. However, Duplex will not be able to call the same place several times a day.

Google Duplex is still in the process of extensive use of consumers, but technology is still so powerful and useful. As time goes by, we have to see how the situation develops.

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