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Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi: Lewis Hamilton likes another polite situation and "climbed"


It's hard to forget how difficult it was for Ferrari to make Mercedes this year.

With the lights of Abu Dhabi, this evening looks like old-time, when Levis Hamilton and Valterie Botas left their third and fourth positions at the Ferraris, when they fought each other in the Poles, the Red Bulls were very fast in the last two races, leaving Sebastian Vettel and Kim Rakkonen. fifth and sixth on the upcoming Daniel Ricard and Max Verstab.

Finally, Hamilton was 83 years in his career and well on the 11th of June. For the five-time world champion who won 50 of the first 99 grand prix, the last 100th year is the 52nd pole.

And Wettel headed Boston and Hamilton from 1 36,775 to 1 m 36,789 and 1 m 36,828.

"The Q1 was really tight, and I think we had a lot more chance," Vetel confessed. But to some extent, this performance was inaccessible.

Pirelli, the fastest Hybrid bus trolley for the 2nd short ultra-lane, has to run on the tires that meet their requirements, with Hamilton on the front, with a strong 1m of 35,693cm. Verttapan was the second with 36.114s, as Vettel was 36.345s and Bottas 1m 36.392s, all of them falling in the same rubber.

The Hamilton Q3as continued to calm down. Mercedes scored the stick, with his first run of 35.295 degrees to 1 m and back to the rest of all drivers, and now the closest candidate to Boston was 35.419. But there was a hope for Bedel, which was 1 m 35,35 h.

Botas, who failed to win the race this year, was very difficult in the second round, and after the first two seasons, Hamilton's time was up, but the British got a very good third sector and set the pole in its favor, 1 m 34,794. On the front of Bottas Vettel, however, 1m 34,956c. The German knee looked good on the first two sectors, but later divided, and it remained in the third place from 1 to 35,125. Rikkonen slightly improved to 1 35.365, but Ricciardo gradually reduced his time to 1m 35.401s, with Verstappen remaining 1m 35.589s, curiously subordinate.

This is the fifth major Mercedes-Benz Lockhart. Hamilton loved his car, dismissed it, and confessed it was emotional.

Hamilton Mercedes-Benz Pole (EPA)

"This is the last time I pass this car," he explained. "This year we've been together with emotional roller coaster, and I feel closer to my other cars.

"It was a great sampling session, and it was great fun to know how much you can do with your own car and your car today. No good feeling.

"To be honest, I can never say anything. My first stage was not great, several excursions and motion on the back of the car, the second was aggressive, and the last sector was a killer. It's not so easy to put it apart from one chain.

"After collecting the name, I wanted to limit the frontier, I want to finish the season at a high level, and then I want to continue using this resource to become stronger next year. I know how far this year has gone and I am very happy today. It is best to complete 1-2 points when selecting the season.

Bottas was again satisfied, but lately he has grown up in the race.

"I'm looking for a pole," he said. "I got here last year, but I could not repeat it. First of all, Lewis was very good, so I was impressed. In my second round, I was able to improve the route, but in the end it was completed. I think I've lost time in the third sector, at the 17th and 18th courses. The pole was possible today, but Lewis did a great job. " As Hamilton touched upon Vettel's mechanics, the German smiled and admitted that Ferrari had no intensity of opposition to the Silver Arrows.

Hamilton then rejoiced (AFP/ Getty Images)

"I did not go out of my way, so I think he loved him much," he said when he saw some of the sporting skills. "But I'm waiting for the last moment in the car tomorrow, and we'll give it all.

"I am convinced that this is a long race. Of course, I would like to be in the forefront, but it was not, but we have to deal with the most difficulties and experience anything. Let's see what we can do. "

Hamilton and Wettel are expecting Red Bulls to be competitive tomorrow.

"They will be strong," says Hamilton. "They are always in the race. They try to achieve quali quality, but they are in the race, so I'm sure they will be there, but that's not easy. Nevertheless, I hope they will be able to finish all the year round. "

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