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Hockey Hall of Fame welcomes the 2018 class


TORONTO – Hockey Hall of Fame welcomed the 2018 class.

NHL Commander Gary Bettman was in attendance at the ceremony on Monday and was criticized by Martin Breivard, Martin Saint Louis, Canadian women's star Jain Hefford, Willie Williams League bicycle racer, and Russian son Alexander Yakushev.

Bettman and Owen entered the Hall of Fame, the first Black-and-Booty Black Player – Brodeur, St. Louis, Hefford and Yakushev.

During the 25-year lifetime of Bestman, the NHL has increased from 24 to 31 teams, earning annual revenue up to ten times, about $ 5 billion.

"Everyone knows that my public appearances have a strong reaction," Bettman said. "I'm happy to offer Stanley Cup, especially the road team, and even the home team.

"Elections to the famous hockey-based electoral network tonight is a cognitive competition, but I hope that my induction will be a collective contribution."

The three-time champion of the Stanley Cup and the four-time Vezina Trophy winner of New Jersey Devil, Brodeur won his 69th season and 125 races on his 20th season.

"This is a very special day for me," said Brother. "I Respected and Respected".

St. Louis Hart did not win the title of two-time world champion in the trophy and Tampa Bay Lightning, including 2003-04.

"All children need to keep on listening: do your dream," said St. Louis in her speech. "Trust yourself, if all the doors look closed, look for the window and look for the road.

"Because some people do not have full potential, they go too early, and the main thing is to have a good team both in ice and in life."

On January 18, 1956, Ree was the first black player in the NHL when he was invited by Boston Bruyne to play against Monreal's Candidates. 83-year-old midfielder has played 45 games in the NHL but has returned to the 1996 league as an ambassador.

"I just wanted to be a hockey player," he said. "Everything needed me."

Hufford won four Olympic gold medals and seven world championships for Canada. The sixth woman scored 297 points to enter the hall, including 157 goals for 267 games for her country.

Yakushev played the role of USSR in the 1972 summit, calling seven Canadian Phil Esposito and Paul Henderson to be among the best. He won gold at the Olympics in 1972 and 1976, and in 2003 was elected as the Hall of Fame of the International Hockey Federation.

While NHL detects a remarkable growth during Bettman's rule, he also engages in three lockouts that eliminated all of the 2003-05 season, and another one was discontinued in 2020.

It was one of the other issues that led to the criticism of the Olympics and the extent to which the league was reflected.

Like former NHL Presidents, Clarence Campbell and John Ziegler, Bettman has been approved for the best work ever since, but there is no doubt that the 2017 Industrial Estate Commissioner was in the Hall.

Dave Andreichuk told Legends Classic on Sunday: "There are many things we can do to help our game. "This is a worthy reputation."

Gold medal winner of the Olympic Games for Canada, Brodeur owns or owns 12 NHL records.

"He's a smile on his face," says Davidson's comedy and in 2013 in the class of Scott Niddermeier. "He had a great deal of difficulty, and he did not achieve anything."

Five Feet-eight St. Louis was one of the six people who did not reach 1,000 points and the Olympic team of men, who won gold in Canada in 2014.

"His wish was infected", says Andreychuk, who won the Cup in 2004. "His competitive level was not the same as everyone else.

"He may be small, but his heart is large, he is strong and he used … 95% had gone out on board whenever he came into the corner with anybody".

The third black player at Ree Hall, the former Edmonton Oiller Grant Für and captain of the Canadian women's squad, Angela James.

"The fence itself is a great honor for him," says Four. "He 's a good person, a gentleman.


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