Thursday , August 18 2022

Hodgele-Mishnevu killed after missing robbery, police say


As reported by the Montreal police on Wednesday, the suspected perpetrator of the attack was killed in a clash with three civilians.

The 34-year-old victim, Mercier-Hocelaga-Maisonneuve, is suspected of looting in the shop in Const County. Rafael Bertrand said. His death is viewed as murder.

When the three men stopped Tuesday morning, they ran away with money.

The detainee's brother, Martin Coin, has named him Jason Peron.

Perron has been involved in criminal offenses of up to 2004, including theft and fraud charges.

Initially, this incident described the incident as an armed robbery, but Bergeron said that since then, researchers have been working to determine if a person's weapons are available when demanding money.

Police arrived at the scene and announced a war on Nicolet Street in the eastern part of the Ontario Desert, at 9:45 pm, after 911 calls.

Convenient shop with armed robbery in Montreal Located on Nicolet Street. (Lauren McCallum / CBC)

When the officers came, people placed a group of people guarding the alley. Bergeron says: "The person was unconscious.

He was taken to the hospital and died after serious injury.

According to police, the exact nature of the injuries has not yet been determined, but no weapon has been used. Checking is done.

Three men aged 37, 48 and 78 are considered "important witnesses", says Bergeron.

They asked the investigators and released them on Wednesday.

The police finds that one or three suspects are suspected of being involved in the case.

"It's a murder," says Bergeron, "people are called police, and do not interfere in this situation."

This is the 28th death of the city in 2018. In all, in 2017 there were only 24.

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