Wednesday , June 7 2023

Hollywood producer Terry Rossi says the "Anti-Vaxxer" marks a fire to compare with N-Word


Hollywood script writer Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek After the use of racial drink to protect parents who choose to abandon their children, it is located in the fireplace of social media.

In response to another scenario that was called to increase the presence of vaccine, producer and screenwriter Terry Rossio said: "My heart is not only to all the victims but also to all the parents of the vaccine who have to endure their suffering. smart and sensitive people (for example, here). Anti-Wax makes someone call and meaningless. "

The Russian epithets were written.

The writer, who started the story, asked Russia, "I never come to my own accord," said Russia, who likened the stigma that met with African Americans. vaccination of autism from the fear of scientific discrimination against their children.

Thousands of Russian critics have been given tweets, including script writer Geoffrey Grubb, sincerely responding: "God, that's good. American founder and people remembered how they had overthrown the skeptic vaccine for decades. Then, even after their release, the state ratified laws to marginalize those who deny the vaccine and to dispel them to riches and opportunities. It's just a story.

Another Twitter user has offered Russia $ 25 a noncommercial organization vaccinating children around the world.

Russia has its loans Aladdin and The only lunar, as well as adapting the forthcoming features Johnny Quest, did not respond to an explanation request. Two years ago, he announced the acquisition of the right to the book of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who stopped working with the vaccine in the scientific community.

"Dr. Wakefield is a polarizing figure that is offensive to the public, but it also respects many people. Details about his life and dramas are more interesting than publicity, "says Rossi.

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