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Honor 9 Lite Review: Even the Big Budget Phone is Even Cheaper


There is no obstacle in the smartphone market and there is another new phone to test those who are looking for a cheap phone. Here's a look at the 9 Lite Review.

Honor's scope can be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to Huawei, the company's core company.

Honor 9 Lite looks like the Honorable 9th grade, and in some ways it's a small or lightweight version of the 10th Watch Watch for the 18: 9 screen.

However, the device is the closest – almost identical – the Huawei P Smart smartphone, which was launched only on Vodafone. The Honor version is a great way to get your phone on unconditional basis. The newest candidate for the cheapest phone market – HTC Desire 12+.

Honor 9 Lite: Price and Availability

Known for making attractive phones with decent features for the price fraction, compared to the competitors. An official price of 9 lb £ 199 which corresponds to the market budget scope. Since then it has dropped to 169 pounds.

For Black Friday, 2018, you can get your phone up to £ 24 for December 24.

Buy from the UK Honor and selected sellers such as John Lewis, Amazon, and Carphone Warehouse.

Dear 9 review

Honor 9 Lite: design and construction

There are no project repairs for the Honor 9 Lite. This is actually one of our favorite midrange phones, like Honor 9, and now uses a familiar combination of glass and aluminum.

The current range of dignified phones is brilliant and noticeable thanks to the front and rear caps and blue color. Finishing the "mirror" – blue and gray models – may be attractive in the pictures, but finger prints and similarity quickly.

In the design, in fact, all the fame of today looks like Honor 9 successor to the 18: 9 screen. That's why he looks like 10, which is bigger.

It's worth noting that Honor moved to the back of the scanner instead of pressing the scanner under the display. This is very common for the 18: 9 smartphone and is in the center of the sensor and far from the camera.

It has a camera clamp but it is very small and does not rock when you put the phone on a flat surface.

Honor 9 Lite Design

The new Honor 9 Lite screen is slightly above the usual model. It is thicker than 7.6 mm, but it is 6 g easy in 149g. Honor 9 Lite Sapphire in the UK, Midnight Black and Glacier gride are available.

Generally, Honor is one of the best phones in the design of 9 Lite and 200 pounds sterling. This, of course, does not seem to be a budget device, but can it be offered adequately for its performance and performance?

Honor 9 Lite: Features and Features

As noted above, Honor 9 Lite is a kind of coordination of phones. You can expect things at a moderate level.


Many similarities are like the Honor 9, but even the less expensive is the 18: 9 style screen with the 10th appearance.

This screen is 5.65 kilometers, so it's positioned between 9 and 10 views. This is a large screen that takes into account the physical size of the phone. A resolution of 18: 9 is slightly higher than 9 for Full HD + 2160×1080 to keep 428 pixels of pixel density.

In general, the IPS screen is perfectly suited to providing decent brightness, eye comfort and mild colors of the LCD panel. The cost of the phone was up to 200 pounds.

Respect the 9 Lite screen

Processor, memory and storage

Compared with the Honor 9 Lite components, Kirin used the 659 – Honor 7X, compared to the lower class processors, not surprisingly, instead of 960 or 970 flagship levels. It still has a chip of eight kernels at a good speed

Other features are expected to be removed, but 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory are very convenient, and most people buy phones on this scale. If you have an extra storage location, there is a microSD card slot up to 256 GB.

In our benchmark results you see major competitors such as Moto G5 in Geekbench, but the Nokia 5 low resolution screen offers good graphics performance.

In general, we have found the productivity to be uneven in our overall use, but it's not perfect. The main problem is that it may take a while to load the camera, and we've even found the program menu to be backwards sometimes.


Using a memory card takes the second SIM card, but it does not bother many users. Honor 9 Lite Technology LTE Connection, NFC, 11b / g / n Wi-Fi and GPS.

It's the most up-to-date USB-C port, but it has a lot of headphones.

The rear fingerprint scanner works best and is designed for a variety of different ways, except when you unlock your phone. Taking photos, responding to alarms, stopping alarms, browsing the photos, and lowering the notification bar – these settings need to be added.

Dear 9 Lite Camera


Apart from having the FullView display, Honor sells 9 Lite at least four cameras. At the front and back you will find a combination of 13 and 2Mp cameras.

Each pair collaborates to provide known things as commonly known as portrait mode, where the 13Mp sensor delivers detailed details, and the lower resolution sensor has a deeper effect. Although the rear cameras are identical, they are featured in the HDR and Phase Detection Auto focus.

Again, the Honorable 9 Lite is incredible, here's great. After a few moments to load the camera and removing the autofocus to temporarily lock, the results are usually better than the back and front.

As you expect from a budget phone, lightweight lighting performance is unusual, but can be seen at the bottom of the HDR mode, works well for the landscape, and the portrait mode works well – do not forget to add a bokeh effect. background.

Honor 9 Lite Camera Test

Battery life

There's nothing like wireless charging and no USB-C. It has a battery of 3,000mAh, which is average for a medium-sized phone, but is more than usual for the budget category. It would be nice to charge some faster, but there is too much to ask for.

We promise all day of honorable use, and this is what we found during our testing. Even after Google Maps and more were based on 9 Lite, it was not enough to go to sleep.

Honor 9 Lite software

Honor 9 Lite: Software and Applications

It's great to see Honor 9 Lite out of the box with the Android 8.0 Oreo. Most of the last year's phones, even the Galaxy S8, are not the latest version yet.

Dear Huawei, the EMUI 8.0 adds the top, it's a big problem, but the overlay has improved over time.

It's better to use these days, easier and easier to use. Move the Google Now bar from the Home screen, the captured image of the lock screen that changes when you unlock and screen themes.

There are currently no problems with the existing and at least six games, including some pre-installed programs, and there are no additional drawings by default. Fortunately, you can easily adjust it.

You can do things like tapping twice to wake the screen, but they are turned off by default. As with the App draw / menu, you are first offered the iOS-style layout. Not all SwiftKey likes it, but you can easily set up different keyboards if you want.

In general, this is not a great software experience, but it is far better and some issues can be corrected with some configurations.

Dear 9 Lite EMUI 8.0

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