Saturday , April 1 2023

I buy 2 $ 6,000 with TFSA shares


We are interested in funding for a few days more than our annual contribution to TFSA.

Interestingly, he decides what to do with the capital. There are dozens of great resources in the Canadian blue chip, all of which are simple. And there is plenty of promising and stock-priced shares, with no focus on cheap assets. Whatever you are investing, there is something for everyone.

It is difficult to reduce it, but I think I did it. Two funds I recently joined in TFSA.

Laurentian Bank

I already have a position Canadian Bank of Lorence (TSX: LB), the seventh largest Canadian bank asset. After losing the expectation of the enterprise, I could not help myself if the stocks cost more than $ 40. I lowered myself and doubled my position.

First of all, let's talk about the loss of profit, which is a part of the bank's capital market, which is a part of the company that does not fit into a particular system. In addition, in the past quarter, the Canadian stock was too harsh. That is why it is not surprising that the share of capital markets will decline in such environment.

Another issue that concerns the company is at least the same as that of the analyst. Laurencean hopes that investment can increase returns and invests heavily in technology. Part of this process is to turn many of the Bank's branches into places offering credit and investment management rather than traditional banking affiliates.

The problem is that most retailers in Lorentia are part of a trade union. I think that any deal with the enterprise will be expensive, but I hope the final result will not be so bad.

Investors are looking to clear themselves on these issues, but Lorentz's actions have a good value. There are nine times more revenue promotion than the Bank's major competitors. The stock is also valued at the value.

O, the company pays 6.3% of the dividend, and the payment rises annually since 2008.


Real Estate Investment Fund «RioCan» JSC (TSX: REI.UN) is in the middle of transformation and the market does not seem to lend to the company much. After determining what happens to investors, I strongly believe that the stock will be higher.

The riots that ripped Ricco's retail outlets ended. The company has its own portfolio of aggressive plans to incorporate a variety of mixed buildings into its portfolio, with development projects planned in Canada. These projects take up existing retail spaces and add office towers and apartments.

An example of Brentwood Village's development in Calgary. The C-Train mass transit system in Calgary includes a 163 residential and 10,000 square meter new retail space and is expected to be completed in 2020.

At the end of ten years, the current portfolio of Ricocan has risen to $ 39 million. Approximately 22 million square feet are added to the existing space in the square feet. Even if RioCan offers investors a 97% faster rate, the portfolio portfolio can be further stabilized.

Finally, we have a dividend. At the moment, "RioCan" pays investors a monthly premium of $ 0.12 per share, reaching a yield of 5.6%. Remember that "RicoKan" has lowered its payment coefficient to less than 80% of the transaction costs, which means investors may soon be able to grow small dividends.

Bottom line

RioCan and Laurentian Bank check many boxes. Everyone pays good dividends. Both funds are not valued at all and both have high growth prospects.

I plan to own each of these funds for a very long time. Maybe you have time to buy.

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The Nelson Smith, a banker, owns the "Lorenten Bank" and RIOCAN REAL EST UN shares.

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