Thursday , September 29 2022

In contrast to the equality of spouses, it is confusing


Last week, I read a few comments in the introductory article and pointed out what they knew: both day and age have two opposites – joy and equality. (Note that this column does not contravene sexual intercourse but similar to pairs).

Siviliyi: guys pay.

Equality: Do not give anyone the right to divide the bill.

Fight: The guy keeps the door open.

Equality: the person who first got into the door keeps it open.

Courage: The man asks for a woman.

Equality: If someone wants to ask someone else what to do.

I've said before and I say again: I am for women's independence and that women have all the benefits of paying and paying with men in their workplace. However, I think that there should be a place for women and men to get acquainted. Partnerships? Yes. But women also need to feel safe, secure, and safe. Should a man also feel these things? In my opinion, people need to feel inescapable, sometimes needed, but do not enjoy the privilege, especially in finance.

Where does this place most people? Honestly, I was not confused.

When the girls say that the guy wants to self-justify them, and when he tells them to pay for the bill, things that need to be remembered are now overlooked. One woman wants to be cured, and the other is that I'm a woman and I'm sorry and does not care about it. A woman may want to push her to the wall and love her day as she is sexually active. As with any other sexual activity, it may seem like an act of sexual persecution. None of them is right. But even men, at least some of those who are working, do not threaten either side. Do they go to reality or equality?

Of course, there is someone who would consider it advisable for each consultation. Some women are not interested in treatment – they do not want to be financially or otherwise, care less (or more) than a woman ("I'm open to myself, thank you!"). Like the younger generation, like the millenniums, equality has a lot of intelligence, and baby boomers prefer skill. In the middle? Mixed bag. The confusion is Swiss and equality now exists.

I think the last person, I think, is doing a good thing … "he asked. He liked the door open for me (yes), and if I sometimes have lunch (yes), and if he likes me to get out of the sidewalk (yes, yes). He did not ask because he did not know. She was trying to break this up because her last friend was home at such traditional gender roles. Asking is always a good place.

Finally, if you have something (mainly talking to women here), tell your partner. No one is a paid reader, so remember to do something or especially if you like gestures. You do not want to be angry with someone you do not want to do … if he just does not know.

Erika Ettin – Founder of A Little Nudge, who travels around the world, often frightening people online.

Erika Ettin – Founder of A Little Nudge, who travels around the world, often frightening people online.

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