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Informal rating of the "smart" franchise sage bombs


When you take the Rocky movie, you'll have to keep up with the conversation. In fact, it's a story about the "lamp" to find some masters. The musical piece is Bill Conti and the "Strong" vocal orchestra. And the scenario is clever, the bomb's bomb would be a bomber bomb. All this is based on an inspirational system, but it does not work if it does not work.

Waiting Creed II, I have accumulated some wisdom bombs I have recalled, and have given them the wisdom that I need to follow them to feel like a real bomb that absorbs the skin up to death.

"I stopped thinking about other people as I thought it was. You think so. « – Roxy Balboa to his son, Rocky Balboa (2006)

If you decide to think as you think, avoid refusing to think, thinking that you do not think so. .Yeah … Hello, my name is Rocky Balboa, and I think it was very shining.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? I think it's like "loving you."

"Do you like good time? Then you need a good hour! – Roxy Balboa TV advertising, Rocky II (1979)

Yes, but the clock can not cure depression.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? See above.

«When you can not think of yourself one more round will make all the difference in your life. « – Nine-year-old son Rocky Balboa, younger. Rocky IV (1985)

Yes, if you are a professional boxer and go to an additional round, then you will die. We all know that the Balboa comes with this 80s of cheese, but the wisdom is bad, and everyone knows it. Just do not forget about your bleeding or your basic limitations and avoid permanent brain damage.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? If it does not endanger your health, "try a little more" – a good fathers advice.

"Go to school and use your brain. Become a doctor, become a lawyer, take out your leather bag and do not forget about sports as a profession. Sport makes you smell and smell. Think, do not squint. -Apollo was dedicated to local journalists Rockies (1976)

Boxer Apollo Creed is likely to call himself a gentleman, so it's not in the wrong direction. As you can see, never drop the pointer, just as the garbage dropping off. But neither here nor there; let's imagine that here in the 70's we did not exist anymore. There are people on Facebook who are human beings, and they are a few million dollars businessmen. Even with his portfolio, he is probably a sculptor.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? Perhaps the world needs no other lawyer.

"Look! You use dirty words and you're probably deliberate. « – Roxy Balboa swears too much on the local street girl, Rocky (1976)

Balboa brain processing in the classical 70s. Because in 1976, women in the world spoke harsh words.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? Kinda is not surprising Rule 12.

"You can not know when you talk. This is the fact of life. When you talk, you do not listen. « – Training against Adonis During exercises, Creed (2015)

Of course, but you can learn a lot from the conversation. They call it Adonis's most asked question Creed.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? Being active is good for the first days.

"He has a vacancy. I've got a job. Together we fill the vacancies. " – Rocky Balboa Pauli Penninga in the parking lot, Rockies (1976)

Change the bag to "vacancies" and you understand why in the 70's, divorce was higher. I think we 're fine, Rock.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? I think there are all the disadvantages. It depends on the shortcomings you can survive.

"You have the right to listen to the intruders, and nobody has the right to say where you want to be and where you have the right to do what you want!" – Rockies Balboa for its boxing license during an oral fight Rocky Balboa (2006)

Nobody in the commission wants Rocket to call the old gyro, which is much more than just a bomber himself. Maybe if someone pauses you when you shine, maybe it's just … maybe because you love it. You have the right to listen to your intestines, but you will not be right.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? Sometimes your intestines are a real dic.

"Nobody borrows anything." You owe it to yourself. « – Roxy Balboa Paul & # 39; Paulie & # 39; To Pennino, Rocky III (1982)

Here is a strong eternal eagle. If it does not have a long-term retention, it reaches its straight point. No one, like Pau, has time to do so, and he thinks he is a personal property.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? Of course, "love your neighbor"

"During this fight I have changed a lot when I feel I'm about you and about you. Here two guys killed each other, but I think it's more than twenty million. I think what I want to say is that if I do not change, it can change! « – Roxy Balboa after defeating Russian rival Ivan Drago, Rocky IV (1985)

This proposal killed the Soviet Union.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? This proposal killed the Soviet Union.

"Do you see this guy looking at you? This is your most opponent. I think this is the truth in the ring, and I think it is the truth in life. – During the first training against Adonis, Creed (2015)

It will depend on your mind and the abandonment of this romantic cheese. If Adonis feels that he can only trust himself, it will not be wise when he is opposed to the world. In fact, the fall in pricing is self-sabotage.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? Your worst enemy is a classic reason.

"One step at a time. One shot at a time. One round at a time. – During another training against Adonis, Creed (2015)

He is slow and bored, but he needs to come to the remembrance of greatness. Adonis stared at the mirror while staring at him and admitted the steps ahead. It is very difficult to get adolescent advice, but when it comes to anything, it's a terrible thing. Take it slowly.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? Get your 10,000 hours, dwg.

"You do not have a guy because you become coconut but you are no longer lemon. Do you understand that you can communicate with good people and find good friends? You can communicate with your friends, follow your friends, and get acquainted with your friends. It's a simple math. « – Roxy Balboa swears much on a local street girl, Rockies (1976)

It absorbs early balsamo with yo-yo and coconut but he checks it. We do not consider Rocky really coccus in this story, and we can assume that he recognizes the coconut coconut.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? It's not just English.

"You must be a warrior". – Rocky Balboa tells Adria why she chose this box, Rockies (1976)

Or disappointing. But from 10 to nine, the Balboa was a moraine. I think that can not be right.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? It's not really a recommendation, but it's the exact statement.

"Oh, you know, they always live somewhere, and you're here." – Pauli Penenno's fear of training media. Rocky Balboa (2006)

We all lived in a language that hosts the language, style, and customs of that language. Today I dream of overweight, seasonal depression and sleepiness. I call it journalism here and I live there. This is incredible, but sometimes the focus is on the wisdom dose.

I amIs it good advice? There is wisdom here, Rock.

"Time loses everything. Time is irresistible. « -Adonis's opposition to his father, Apollo Craig, Creed (2015)

For my work I felt pain in my legs. I do not know how he got it, but I know what caused him. The sooner you become old, the worse the sick. This is a demonstration of "the sayings of uprightness." Of course, if you have not studied it all the time since you got something immortal, then time is always high. Soul

I amIs it good advice? True bombs, Christ, are spilled.

"You see, fright is the best friend of a warrior. You know, but it does not shy away. Look, fear frightens you, it keeps you awake, you know you want to survive. You know what I mean? But it is important to know how to control it. It's all right? For fear is like a fire, is it right? And it's on the inner side. " Spokesman of Tommy's specialty "Mechanic" Hann and Son, Roki Balboa Rocky V (1990)

This contradicts the advice of brain damage Rockies V but yes, Balboa's fear reminds us of everything we know about Dumba, but equally protects us from the glory.

Maybe is it good advice? Hug the horror of your fears. Buy PlayStation.

"Now, when we were fighting, you saw the tiger, the man, and your eyes; the edge! Now you have to return it, the way to get it back is to return. " -Apollo's former rival Rocky, Rocky III (1982)

All this is in energy. Apollo "Hypeman" Creed is confident and unnecessary allelegy: says Rocky and the audience for a young and hungry jug that will help you get back where you are going, but the bits come.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? It's best to remember where you came from.

"It does not matter how other people look, if that's what you want, and that's all you do. Opponent wrestling. «His wife Marie Rokke, Roxy Balboa (2006)

Yes, soldiers are brain damage, but they are forgiven. The emotions on this stage were so great that it was stronger than the ring. In today's sentence, you do not want to regret your choices that you never made.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? Yes.

"Nothing will be missing if you do not believe who you are!" – In the fight against fight against Adriana, Rocky III (1982)

This is a good quote Matrix, but despite the context, I still can not fully understand the meaning.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? Solidism is cool.

"It is not difficult to beat; this is how difficult you are to move forward. How Much Do You Go and Go Forward? That's the way to victory. – Roxy Balboa Roxy During a heated exchange of Balboa, Roxy Balboa (2006)

Classically, corn is classic and classically straightforward. Rocky is old and there is no time to win around the bush. Of course, he acknowledges that most of us like our son, but he is not ready to hook up the audience. When it is tied to sport that does not love the truths of our life, it still throws a blowing bomb out of it.

Is This Wrong With Good Advice? Hell

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