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Interrogation: Should I train older people?


Answer: If necessary, do sports

Regularly trained muscle retirees are different from youth muscles.

Experts from the Tired State University have concluded that since the 1970s, 28-year-olds over the age of 70 have been examined by 28 children over the age of seven.

Answer: If necessary, do sports

According to doctors, the elderly, who have regular physical activity, are 30 years old. It should be noted that the researchers are not athletes.

It should be noted that all volunteers were engaged in regular running and competitions. In addition, according to the disciplines, their training was considered as a normal hobby.

According to researchers, 28 people have supported this level of activity for fifty years.

For the purity of the experiment, two doctors were formed, with more than 20 volunteers and retirees.

The researchers analyzed the aerobic capacity of the participants and measured the number of capillaries and enzymes in the muscles, with high levels of muscle health.

Everyone who has exercised in the exercises does not differ from muscle for more than twenty years: more capillaries and enzymes, which means that they can effectively overcome the effects of aging.

Answer: If necessary, do sports

In fact, the difference between two active groups – a young and old – reduced aerobic power slightly. However, the number of active retirees is 40% higher.

In addition, when physicians compared data with national centers of different years, active cardiovascular system was much better.

The results will extend the physical activity of the body muscles and help prevent premature death.

Answer: If necessary, do sports

Let's remind you that there is a need for older people to engage in martial arts.

As reported by Znoyu portal, physical activity improves the cognitive function of the human brain.

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