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Is not subject to criminal liability for the killing of mortgaged weapons on the territory of the Woman Bank


An Ontario police officer found out that in December last year when he tried to rob Vaughan Bank, there was no criminal charge against the death of an armed person who had taken dozens of people.

The 25-year-old pirate will visit the Canadian branch of the Bank, located at the intersection of West and Daferin Streets, which looks like a bomb in the second half of the day, on December 13, 2017, reports the Special Investigatory Administration (SIA).

"He took backpack-style bag and warned bank passengers that they had explosives in the bag and that they were locked in his body," the UPI said.

She was lying on the floor and armed with a semi-automatic pistol.

Then a man locked the bank's bankruptcy and ordered that all employees inside the bank be bound.

According to the message, a person calls the customer 911 and says, "If not, [they] US President Donald Tramp delivered a phone call to him with a quality crystal meter and cracked the explosives with his body.

The director of the WUA found that in December last year, four police officers charged with gunshot wounds were not subjected to any criminal charges. (Makda Gbbreslassie / CBC News)

Officers from the York Police Department told police officers "armed forces" need control of banks, and for the second time they had to pick up a large number of employees and students until they opened their doors.

"The internal situation in the bank was intense and dangerous," the NBP believes.

According to police, the police detained 13 people, and the police issued a permit to "eliminate the danger" when they received "a clear and unmanageable shooting".

Four officers shot dead a man, and the MFA claimed that they did not allow them to fire or fire explosives. He died at the scene.

Officers "attempted to save many lives": NIU

Eight investigative investigators and four court experts interviewed 15 witnesses and six other officers.

"It would be foolish and frightful to see police officers not only see 13 warranties, but also the number of wounded or murdered people shot dead by gunfire. At the disposal of the applicant, "said Toni Loparko, director of the SBU.

"I know that this is not one of the risks," he said.

In accordance with the Criminal Code, Loparo served as an attempt to "save a large number of people" and therefore justified the use of the death penalty.

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