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John Meyer was cautious after Dreykin's 30th birthday

On April 7, 2017, John Meier performed at the "Find All" tournament in Philadelphia.

Owen Sweeney / Invision / AP

Rocker John Mayer did not drink alcohol in 2016 after Rapper Drack was too harsh on his 30th birthday.

The performers of the song "Wait for the World" were among the special guests invited to participate in festive events held in West Hollywood in Delhi in October 2016, participants of which were Katie Perry and Taylor Swift and admitted that they had adopted Mayer's drinks.

"I have the most delusional story in my life," he says in a comprehensive magazine. "It was Dreykin's 30th birthday, and I'm a fool."

Mayer had to recall his experiences of alcohol abuse, and he did not touch alcohol.

"I was rushing on the sixth day. How big is this? "He says. "I looked from the window and I went," said John. What percentage would you like your potential? After all, if you say you want to make 60, you want to have another 40 fun, it's good. What percentage of interest do you want to reach? No invalid response. What have I done?

– The voice in my head: "Good. Do you know what that means? "I go and say," We do not have much to talk about. I understand. "

Alcohol has had a great impact on Mayer's personal and professional life, and he has found a way to get pleasure without taste.

"Next year I made four rounds, I was in two groups, and I am happy with the planes" – laughs. "What happens when you stop drinking? The levels first feel like boring. But if you follow it, the line will be corrected and it will be very low. You like, "Oh, I'm not that high altitude." But if you work, you can overcome the entire network. «

Mayer's innocence comes after the day when he demanded a long time behind his bad days.

"Some people still say," This is a guy, "he says to Billboard. "I am," any of the data you are doing is really out of date ", I mean, I can say that I have not been with d for many years. It 's really outdated. "

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