Sunday , June 20 2021

Look at the North Pole of the Sun on this hollow photo

Artificial Spoba-2 Sun Space (European Space Agency (ESA) / Belgian Korean Observatory)

The sunshine is not good, but the European Space Agency (ESA) has shown us the image of the North Pole of the fireball.

On Monday, the ESA blog shared a video called the Proba-2 manifestation of the North Pole of the Sun. On the photo, the reflective northern pole is depicted as a dark area surrounded by the golden frame.

According to ESA, the NASA / ESA joint Ulysses Mission has captured the width of the day before the end of 2009. Since then, many sun rays have not been explored. Due to the lack of data, scientists have to divide the images of the polar zones, including the artificial Proba-2 picture.

ESA explains how to use the satellite image of the lower-latitude Proba-2 satellite to reconstruct the artificial scene of the star poles. We can not see these columns, but spacecraft can store data around the sunlight. Then the scientists depict the main disk of the day and, when turned around, receive small amounts of data from the outer and upper parts of the sun. Together, these bits of data can be combined to form a picture that is visible in the sun.

However, the picture is not just to enjoy. The artificial view of the Sun's North Pole gives tips on coral holes and ecosystems that influence the outer space weather. In 2020, the ESA Solar Orbiter will continue to explore the solar polar zones and its impact on the interstellar atmosphere.

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