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Love during loan: Cancer patients find romance

Toronto – This is a romantic comedy between a man and a mutant.

After a week of online flirting, Patrick Bardos met with Anna Mari Kerató on the first day in the center of Toronto. He sent a letter to Cerato, who knows how to drive a few hours on the tram. Serató said that he had crossed the line. – Do you wear blue shoes? he asked.

Bardos looks at his lapis blue cosmetics, and then looks for "Cerato" among the commanders. He found a tap on his shoulder. Bardos turned and made a keratope, similar to his profile picture – a long black hair and brown eyes with angle goggles. Well, apart from the previous days, it was even higher.

"You are not short," Bardos said. "But I'm not too short. And that's not my point.

Bardos must have said something to save himself because he talked to the coffee shop until it closed. They decided to pushed him to a nearby restaurant and closed the house again. Then Bardos realized that he was late because of his birthday, so he returned to his home and talked to this woman who had been listening to her evenings.

As he was 33-year-old Cerato, he was with Bardos, who knew that he had no time to spend the last moment. On the second day he decided to leave the bomb.

Knowing Bardos, Serhato, a comic booklet, focused on the super-affection and tried to alleviate the impact. "I am not an alien," he said, "but I'm a blasphemer.

Barros was satisfied, Cerato recognized that he was not a member of the X-Men. However, due to genetic mutation, the proportion of radiation in the treatment of lung cancer has declined.

Two years later, Cerato soon discovered that his cancer had spread and he would not be able to survive for five years.

This gave Bardo the opportunity to run to the hill. Bardos, at one point to think about the dilemma: How does he know that he has lost love?

When it comes to life or death, the heart problem may seem to be the second issue. But it can be a "litmus test" for the treatment of oncological diseases – and many people have failed, "said Dr. Robert Rutewald, Radiation Oncologist, Halifax.

According to him, people are not against the risk of cancer, but also with their deaths,

However, when some couples fall into the effects of the disease, Rutuel can enhance emotional bonds for other people. At the close of the time, people who are living in the periphery of their colleagues are those who have lost their time in patients' lives.

He sat on the "mutant", and he decided to become such partner for Barros's Cerato.

It was in the fall of 2011. Seven years later, Bardos and Serato married and took over the world and even celebrated their "25th Anniversary".

Prior to meeting Cerato, Bardos said he would cease hostile debate among the future and express concerns about the future. Now, Bardos, he has already told you that he can put yourself in the water so he can spend it with him.

"He made me turn into a good person," he said.

At the age of 40, Cerato said he had breached the lifestyle statistics due to the recent history of targeted therapy. But knowing his time was finally about to decide what he could do and who could.

"I think it's a gift that I feel is not at the age of 30 but at age 60."

For Morgan McNeeley, Edmonton, this was a month ago, he was 25 years old.

After diagnosing her in 2015, McNeely found some relationships that she found to be self-sufficient, without her research, scientific research, and restaurant work.

He suddenly spent a lot of free time in his hands, so he and his friend surprised themselves by walking through the Tinder.

McNeely did not accept a number of suggestions, including one suggestion to help cross the "sex bull list" of the "lens".

She did not look for love – she was the last guy to drop out because of the "cancer drama" – but one of Tinder's matches began to show endurance.

After a long lapse, McNeely is afraid to guard him. But he said to her: "I see you more than just cancer." Soon she also saw McNeely.

"I feel happier every day," she said. "I'm not pleased with the fact that I have cancer, but I am still grateful for bringing me in."

Nevertheless, McNeely says the disease can complicate relationships. When he and his cousin collected cats together, McNeely thought that they could not care for the animals. When discussing the possibility of marriage, she is worried about her illness after she died.

Many terminally-targeted diseases are: the most important is their death, but their influence on their loved ones is behind them.

Juliy Chashley recognizes this tension not only as a young research-oriented social researcher, but also as a lifeless survivor.

When Easley met Randy Cobel at Fredericton in 2004, she immediately failed to recognize it. At the age of 28, Easley's life was soon given to him when Sten-2 beat Hodgkin's lymphoma. The 29-year-old cervical cancer was diagnosed and lived for three months, and the clock was switched off.

Since then, it has been a debt to debt.

Easley knows how to deal with cancer. After conducting his studies in a hospital where he was being treated for cables, he began to go to work.

One night Kabel was afraid he would be asleep and told him that he could be arrested at any moment. Easley offered to watch his breathing. She lay with her and lay her hand on the chest and felt like they both left and fell down. After that, he slept most of the night without holding his hand.

Sometimes they felt like they were a "normal" couple. In order to attract their attention, they opened another room in an apartment where they had to show the scene on the TV screen.

"When you are in a bad state, you can see the beauty and power of the human soul," he said. "I like it".

Easley told Camp that he needed some time to realize that he had a lot more to sleep than to sleep. When she first came to Campdy, she loved her. According to her, she expressed regret that she had never been loved, but she showed her wrong. "I love you too," he said, looking at his eyes.

In the autumn of 2005, it was clear that they would be there in less than a year after the meeting. Friends and relatives of the cable came together around the bed and asked Easy for him. This time she did not catch her and took her to death when she was 31 years old.

Fifteen years later, Easley continues to respect the memory of Cables through the work of adolescent cancer community and is grateful to her memories.

"If you want to really know the essence of life, you spend a lot of time together with a man who fights for each chip," says Joshi. "I knew it would end. The part I do not know is unexpected beauty.

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