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Lucasfilm opens the galaxy of the "Star Wars" animation series


Lucasfilm opens the galaxy of the "Star Wars" animation series

Lucasfilm opens an animation series of Adventures of the Star Wars galaxy

Lucasfilm has discovered something new Star Wars animation series War of stars of space war this weekend was featured online, reports The Hollywood Reporter. You can review the official attachment below for the new series!

War of stars of space war – a series of short-lived short animated cartoons Star Wars Children's portal at, as well as on YouTube Star Wars children it is Friday. Six shorts will be released simultaneously with the release of multiple episodes until July.

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Lucci said he would get shorts "An exciting and educational setting to help older people, parents and other mentors to explore the life-style galaxy to help children in their own lives."

"Adventures of Galaxy, we wanted to do something that parents can do to help their children make their first steps to a larger world, even though their children are ready to show films or seek new ways to explore their content." said James Vauch, Lucasfilm VP franchise content and strategy.

War of stars of space war Will be the beginning of the annual Lucasfilm plan Star Wars brand, episodes scheduled for 2019 to the theatrical release Star Wars: Series IX December 20, 2019.

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