Sunday , August 14 2022

"Many questions are about the Prime Minister of the Liberal Parliament Gross: PM Trudeau


There are "many questions" about Ottawa-Liberal Parliamentarian Raj Geval's departure, says Prime Minister Justin Thurud, one of the new questions about the time of the parliament in Hill.

"Obviously, there are a lot of questions about the situation, and we wish Mr. Grewal the best of treatment," Trondo told reporters at a Liberal Meeting.

East Liberal Member of Brampton East Raj Geval announced on Thursday that he would resign "for personal and medical reasons." Later, he tries to cure gambling.

On Tuesday, the House Speaker, Jeff Rigan, said parliamentarians had not yet waited for Gwal's resignation, and he is still a member of parliament.

Until this autumn, a pirate deputy was a member of the House Committee on Finance, which took part in the Canadian anti-money laundering hearing. When asked about this, Trudo gave the above explanation and said that he would not comment again at this time.

On Friday, the Prime Minister's office, Grval, made a statement saying that he is being treated by a healthcare professional because of gambling, which turned him into "personal debt."

Trivia talked about Gewal's right decision.

Last week, PMO said he was not aware of any Pill regional police investigations against the Grenada gambling gamble, but said that he knew that RCPG knew Mr. Grewal's inquiries regarding the Ethics Commissioner's complaint.

The Ethics Commissioner is grateful to Grewal for calling on the business community to attend the events of Prime Minister's visit to India. Commission Commissioner Mario Dion has not yet published his report or conclusions on this matter.

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