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Maple Ridge killer was identified as a member of Hells Angels


The man who was killed at Golden Wearers Bridge in Maple Ridge on weekends and then left was identified as a full member of the Hells Angel.

Chad John Wilson's body was opened on Sunday morning, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The police were very sad about what had happened to him, but said he was dead.

"Mr. Wilson is a well-organized member of an organized criminal group, and his murder is considered casual," Cpl said. Frank Young published in the media.

"Although the cause of Mr. Wilson's murder has not been proven, it is one more reminder of the threat that threatens its life, being part of that criminal organization."

"I was not afraid"

Court records 43-year-old Wilson shows that he is very dangerous and is not known for violence.

In August 2006, he fired with a group of opponents in South Dakota, overpowering him and other cyclists. Wilson was later released from a suicide attempt after a self-defense dispute.

He introduced the story – and his life to the gang – in the courtroom.

On Facebook pages, members of the dead hell angels associate Chad Wilson with the words "Do not tell the dead men". (Chad Wilson / Facebook)

"I was not afraid," Wilson said.

"I would have died, and if I did not shoot, they would kill me without killing me, and nothing, nothing and nothing."

According to him, in the US case Wilson initially made BK but moved to Seattle, then to San Diego, where he became a perspective for the Hells Angel in January 2005.

He was a full member of the crew a year later, and less than six months later took part in the attack.

Wilson was eventually found guilty of illegal possession of firearms and was sentenced to four years in prison. At that time he wrote a letter to a judge.

"I want to go home, everything is awesome," the letter said. "My children are my wife and my dog, and the first is my life … because living in jail is the biggest thing in life – it's really hell.

& # 39; Dead man does not tell fairy tale & # 39;

Upon returning from the US, Wilson again released a topic in 2013 when Spain and three other Hells Angels were arrested and tried to take 300 kilograms of cocaine back home.

Men were sentenced to four years and six months.

As IHIT claims, Wilson died when he died. Wilson's Facebook page is owned by his house Nanaimo, BK

In recent years, several Angels have been killed in Lower Mangysh. Robert Kit (Bob) shot dead Greenfield in Langley in 2016. Later he was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Members of Hells Angels came to North Africa to commemorate Bob Grin, who was killed in North Carolina on October 16, 2016, to Vancouver. (Doug Kerr / CBC)

In March 2001, outside the nightclub in Vancouver, Donald William Roming, a member of Nomads, was shot dead.

The website of the Vancouver Police Department has yet to come to the list of unquenchable murders, but in April 2001, another person was shot dead.

According to the IHIT, the investigators will be involved in many conflicts in the subregion in the Mangistau region, which will try to alleviate any violence.

Most of the photos on Wilson's Facebook page are the Hells Angels Meeting.

The words: "The dead are not talking about fairy tales."

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