Sunday , August 7 2022

Marvel publishes a special edition of the Legato Comic League, which is fighting a team-motion violation


On November 28, Marvel and Riot Games released a series of comics series, The Legend of the League. Earlier this month, they announced that the world would work together for epic collaboration to produce comic strips "Legend League".

According to Marvel's today statement, fans will be able to order a copy of the "LEGENDS LEGENDS: ASHE: SPECIAL OFFER FOR RECOMMENDATION No. 1" on December 5 and available on the 19th day of the comic. Comics are blocked in 20 languages ​​for fans around the world.

Along with the message, Marvel discovered some interesting comic pages.

Along with Marvel's artworks, Riot Games has released a new comic book in 2019 and commented on a video that can be released until 2020. There are three Greg Stones in the video [comic] series, and will try to make a physical copy by the end of 2019.

Picture Credit: Marvel

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