Saturday , June 3 2023

Massey High cough


Female Cough Photography Photo. Photo taken by © Can Stock Photo / HighwayStarz

At Massey High School, confirmed spleen confirmed.

The Windsor-Essex health department sent a letter to parents, caregivers and students that the spleen is a very infectious respiratory tract infection caused by severe coughing.

The medical department reports that the spleen's pain begins with nasal symptoms, with bitterness, low temperatures, and frequent coughing. It usually takes two to three weeks, and then stopping breathing is painful with many explosions that can break down food. and sleeping and often rash, vomiting and exhaustion. According to healthcare workers, coughing is like lifting or bruising, as if a person struggles to breathe. They are: fever or not, and cough can be several weeks or months.

Infected people can bacteria in the air when they are coughing, crunching, talking, and may be given to other people for up to 20 days after symptoms begin. According to the health department, the disease can affect people of all ages, but this is the most dangerous for babies and young children. Populations are called for immunization to avoid the risk of illness.

Healthcare professionals If you or your baby have contact with spinal cord and have respiratory symptoms developed, contact your health facility.

If you have any questions, call the health department at number 519-258-2146. 1420 hours or visit

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