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Megan Marcle is taking a royal family

Megan Marcli joined the British royal family. When he told the American Prince Harry that he was doing, his contract started with Firm, because he was well-known in Britain.

The 37-year-old "costume" actress has a high flag of the American flag and marks her unique personality at the Monarchy Institute.

He lost a sense of multicultural marriage, liberal tricks, and rebelliousness. She was wearing high shoes in the theater in August, and she would never make Kate Middleton's daughter-in-law. Even in the beginning of June, Mengen, Irish political activist Catherine Noulen, said Dusher was happy about the outcome of a recent illegal referendum in the country. (It is considered a political solution for the royalty).

Certainly, it is not only the old star acting as ordinary man, but also the ridiculous and old king's protocol. In September, dzuzina made her debut as a feminist as she closed her car after leaving the Royal Academy of Art in London. This routine task is usually reserved for laziness.

Thanks to the beauty of California, the winds change in an old old house in Windsor. Pay attention to light, intense portraits that celebrate Prince Charles's 70th birthday, with lots of laughs and Charles makes fun of his grandchildren (we never saw her with her sons). Megan knows that it is possible to let somebody go.

Prince Harry and McGen's relationship with the public – the constant and touching impressions – have influenced other channels. Take on the most strict, formal, Prince William and Kate, who feel much more than the Victorian age rather than Instagram.

The Royal Family appeared on a new portrait dedicated to Prince Charles's 70th birthday
(Left, leading) Prince George, Prince Charles, Camille, Cornwall and Princess Charlotte Duchess. (Left on the left) Kate, Dinking in Cambridge, Prince Louis, Prince William, Prince Harry and Megan, Sussex's DushamiAP

In October, Jack Brooksbanks was seen riding a wedding at the wedding of William's sister, Prince Eugenia, with three children's parents holding their hands. At one point, Kate waved William's hip. It was only a few kilometers away from the usual habitual routine between his wife and his wife.

Fil Dampier, an English-speaking journalist, really confuses the so-called "Dawn of Sussex". The delicate recipient of the earlier marriage lost appreciation and saw that Keith was more generous.

"Megan has hit the ground," says Royally Suited: Harry and Megan in his speech. She acted as an actress to help her open the way to American openness and practice.

"Princess Diane and Keith Middleton were very sorry for the first time in royal families, but Magen is a public speaker," said Dampier. He also helps Harry to make his speeches. . . he does more and more [the need for] notes.
"Megan's leg is wrong."

Megan Marqué in Suwé, Fiji
Megan Marqué in Suwé, FijiWireImage

Although he was unsuccessful at the moment of failures, she quickly found her style and retained headgear using figurine-embroidered designs. Newcomers travel to Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji, where fans see their behavior and the simple people like Diana, Princess. If Kate retains the safe distance between himself and Queen Elizabeth, it is not difficult for people to embrace many of the Megan's barriers.

Of course, some Windsor monitors can always find something to complain about. Sussex Deskation announced that his 37-year-old boy would be a "maternity mother" when he announced his marriage five months later.

At the beginning of this month, the personal assistant of Harry and Megan staff left unexpectedly. Katrina McCaire's resignation from the Kensington Court in September and the dismissal of Harry's former employee, Edward Lane Fox, have been postponed as early as expected.

Dampir considers the emergence of the last assistant as a red herring: the level of turnover of the Buckingham Palace staff is higher than the wage. But the editor of the Hungarian magazine, Ingrid Seward, is not so sure.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Megan Marcle
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Megan MarcleWireImage

"Megan has many bugs around the sofa, so his staff is leaving," he told The Post. "They say that they have been upset by Cate and William. She is not the most popular girl in the block.

Megan and Harry were announced in New Year's Eve to move to Windsor, London, east of London and Kensington House (where William and Kate live).

Former Royal correspondent of The Sun newspaper, Dampier, believes that there may be some competitive feelings related to maternity leave from Kate due to McGen's appearance on the stage.

"There is no strict argument for this, but I see jealousy in our eyes," he said. (To be fair, Kate should be considered the Queen of England in the future).

Although American Megan is a favorite of the middle and lower middle class in Britain, some members of the elite still win.

"There is no doubt that the institution leaps to different places and captures the misery," says the author of the book "My Bride and Me", the King and the Duke of Edinburgh, about 70 years of marriage. "I think they feel too many actresses."

However, Duchess of Sussex has a complete calendar and a very hard worker. According to him, it can rise at 5 o'clock and sends ideas and appeals to six or seven daily employees.

Seward added: «[Working hard] This is a great surprise for British people. "

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